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Super-dysfunctional family proves super-functional on the small screen

The six Hargreeves siblings, raised to work together as a super-team, are far more “super” than “team.” Their adventures in saving the world are available on Netflix, in “The Umbrella Academy.”

Ian Fertig, A&E Editor
February 24, 2019

The dad’s an emotionally distant billionaire. The mom’s an android. The butler’s a monkey. The superpowered children are broken and dysfunctional adults. Welcome to the Umbrella Academy, where family reunions literally are the end of the world. “The Umbrella Academy,” an all-new Netf...

Have yourself a spooky little Netflix

Promotional image for the original Netflix interactive film “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.” This memorable choose your own adventure-inspired film was one of Netflix’s big releases this holiday season.

Blythe Terry and Ian Fertig
January 10, 2019

New Netflix releases are always bound to make a splash online, but this past holiday season had more hits than to be expected. But do the releases live up to the hype? Whether it’s a safe-bet continuation of a hit series, a completely original film, or something that Netflix has never done before, all th...

Tune in or look away

The Baudelaire children— Violet, Klaus, and Sunny— in the episode “The Vile Village.” Despite some questionable decisions by the writers, the series is best when it focuses on what viewers care most about: the dire straits of the Baudelaires and capturing the tone of the beloved books.

Blythe Terry, A&E co-Editor
April 21, 2018

Sometimes, when you find yourself on the brink of making a risky decision -- like whether or not to leave home, invest in cryptocurrencies, or become a rogue detective working for a secret organization -- a friend will try to discourage you by saying “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” ...

Mary Chaudoin

Former Panther Mary Chaudoin during her time with the SEC Network. Chaudoin started working for the channel when it first launched in 2014 and continued to work there for the next three years before getting a job with CNN.

Caylee Cicero, Features Editor
October 2, 2018
Filed under Alumni: Where are they now?, FEATURES, SHOWCASE

As a teen, sports were at the center of Panther alumna Mary Chaudoin’s life. A decade after graduating from the Mill, this still holds true. In high school, Chaudoin played basketball and volleyball, leading to her college success in volleyball and later to a series of careers in the sports indust...

The movies you didn’t see

A array of past movie tickets. It seems the general public is always collecting stubs from big-budget blockbusters, but why not give some indie flicks a shot?

Blythe Terry, A&E co-Editor
August 27, 2017

Social media was hit hard with all sorts of memes this summer. Of course, this is typical when rambunctious internet age-teens are let loose, without the drudgery of high school to keep them occupied. One of note was simply a reaction image with the phrase “sometimes… things that are expensive… ar...

Transcending formula

A still from an issue of “Moon Girl,” a series from the Golden Age of Comics. Superheros are a tradition many years in the making, but how are they best transitioned to our modern screens?

Blythe Terry, A&E co-Editor
August 24, 2017

Superhero movies seem to be a staple of summer cinema. Unfortunately, some common aspects of these blockbuster films -- money grabbing and franchise building -- lend themselves rather easily to repetition and staleness (see “Captain America: Civil War" and the breadth of Marvel movies) or just poor ...