The Prowler

2018-2019 Volleyball

Thu, Aug 09 Our Lady of Mercyhome2-0W
Our Lady of Mercyhome
Thu, Aug 09 Harris Cityhome2-0W
Harris Cityhome
Fri, Aug 10 HillgroveSequoyah (tournament1-2L
HillgroveSequoyah (tournament
Fri, Aug 10 DenmarkSequoyah (tournament2-0W
DenmarkSequoyah (tournament
Sat, Aug 11 MiltonSequoyah (tournament0-2L
MiltonSequoyah (tournament
Sat, Aug 11 DenmarkSequoyah (tournament2-0W
DenmarkSequoyah (tournament
Thu, Aug 16 NorthsideNorthgate0-2L
Thu, Aug 16 NorthgateNorthgate2-0W
Wed, Aug 22 Newnanhome1-2L
Wed, Aug 22 Woodwardhome2-1W
Tue, Aug 28 East Cowetahome1-2L
East Cowetahome
Tue, Aug 28 Columbushome0-2L
Fri, Aug 31 BlufftonPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou2-0W
BlufftonPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou
Fri, Aug 31 First Baptist SchoolPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou2-0W
First Baptist SchoolPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou
Fri, Aug 31 WandoPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou0-2L
WandoPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou
Sat, Sep 01 Lugoff-ElginPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou2-0W
Lugoff-ElginPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou
Sat, Sep 01 Hilton HeadPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou2-0W
Hilton HeadPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou
Sat, Sep 01 Porter-GaudPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou2-1W
Porter-GaudPort-Gaud, S.C. (tou
Sat, Sep 01 Marvin RidgePort-Gaud, S.C. (tou0-2L
Marvin RidgePort-Gaud, S.C. (tou
Tue, Sep 04 WheelerNewnan2-0W
Tue, Sep 04 NewnanNewnan1-2L
Tue, Sep 11 GriffinGriffin2-0W
Tue, Sep 11 WhitewaterGriffin2-0W
Thu, Sep 13 Henry CountyOur Lady Mercy2-0W
Henry CountyOur Lady Mercy
Thu, Sep 13 Our Lady MercyOur Lady Mercy2-0W
Our Lady MercyOur Lady Mercy
Fri, Sep 14 Holy Spirit PrepRally High Tournamen2-0W
Holy Spirit PrepRally High Tournamen
Fri, Sep 14 River RidgeRally High Tournamen2-0W
River RidgeRally High Tournamen
Sat, Sep 15 EtowahRally High Tournamen1-2L
EtowahRally High Tournamen
Sat, Sep 15 Douglas CountyRally High Tournamen2-0W
Douglas CountyRally High Tournamen
Sat, Sep 15 GuntersvilleRally High Tournamen2-0W
GuntersvilleRally High Tournamen
Tue, Sep 18 McIntoshJonesboro0-2L
Tue, Sep 18 JonesboroJonesboro2-0W
Tue, Sep 25 RiverdaleWhitewater2-0W
Tue, Sep 25 Fayette CountyWhitewater2-0W
Fayette CountyWhitewater
Thu, Sep 27 Northside (Columbus)Northside0-2L
Northside (Columbus)Northside
Thu, Sep 27 Houston CountyNorthside2-0W
Houston CountyNorthside
Sat, Sep 29 ChambleeChamblee (tournament0-2L
ChambleeChamblee (tournament
Sat, Sep 29 NorthsideChamblee (tournament2-0W
NorthsideChamblee (tournament
Sat, Sep 29 CarrolltonChamblee (tournament2-0W
CarrolltonChamblee (tournament
Sat, Sep 29 RiverwoodChamblee (tournament0-2L
RiverwoodChamblee (tournament
Thu, Oct 04 Westlakehome3-0W
Wed, Oct 10 Jonesboroaway - McIntosh2-0W
Jonesboroaway - McIntosh
Wed, Oct 10 Whitewateraway - McIntosh2-0W
Whitewateraway - McIntosh
Sat, Oct 13 WhitewaterWhitewater0-2L
Sat, Oct 13 McIntoshaway - Whitewater0-2L
McIntoshaway - Whitewater
Sat, Oct 20 South Effinghamaway - state, round 3-0W
South Effinghamaway - state, round
Sat, Oct 20 Harris Countyaway - state, round 3-0W
Harris Countyaway - state, round
Sat, Oct 27 Riverwoodaway - state, round 3-2W
Riverwoodaway - state, round
Tue, Oct 30 Whitewateraway - state, round 3-2W
Whitewateraway - state, round
Sat, Nov 03 McIntoshaway - state champio0-3L
McIntoshaway - state champio