Physical education department

Mitchell Smith, Op-ed Editor


  • Keep students physically fit and healthy
  • Give students the proper ways to maintain their health


  • Two health classrooms, brand new fitness and weight training area, and a gymnasium
  • Department chair: Brent Moseley

In order to graduate, students have to take a semester of health and a semester of personal fitness. Students normally take these classes as freshmen. If they choose, students can select either weight training or team sports as an elective through their next three years.

“The goals for the program depend on what class you’re in,” Moseley said. “The weight training classes are more geared towards athletes, football players, to further better their career.”

In health class, students learn how their bodies function, how to make healthy life choices, and how to administer CPR. Health classes also offer an Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program, which allows students to obtain their learner’s permit, as well as their driver’s license.

In personal fitness, students are tested on their fitness and endurance in multiple ways, including the mile run, which must be completed in 12 minutes for students to receive credit for the work. In addition, coaches have added the Fitnessgram, which analyzes flexibility, and cardiovascular and muscular health.

“A lot of kids don’t grow up like we did. We were outside playing all the time,” Moseley said. “A lot of the time, the mile run is the first time they’ve ever done any running, and sometimes kids find out they’re really good at it and go out for track and cross country.”