“Phineas and Ferb” is a television show beloved by this generation, starring a pair of brothers who are up to new shenanigans every day, much to their older sister’s exasperation. Editor-in-Chief Caroline Hubbard and Editor Cecily Shaber debate which brother is the better character.

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Phineas, leader of the pack

Phineas and Ferb are the star siblings in the beloved television show named after them. Although discontinued in 2015 after nearly 200 episodes, the show followed the two boys as they engaged in a new shenanigan every day. Their older sister, Candace, tried to bust them every day, but was always inadvertently hindered by Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s latest evil invention.

One can always expect to find Phineas at the center of the action, leading his friends on a successful project.

— Editor Cecily Shaber

Out of the two brothers, Phineas is the more lovable character.

All of the boys’ summer antics are Phineas’ idea, and his signature line is even, “Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today!” One can always expect to find Phineas at the center of the action, leading his friends on a successful project.

Ferb, on the other hand, hides himself in the background. He is a follower, not a leader. Ferb’s quiet demeanor is commendable, but without Phineas’ headstrong attitude, all 104 days of summer vacation would not have been well spent, and the brothers would have carried on the annual problem of their generation.

Do not forget that Phineas is a fashion emblem. His signature jorts and striped orange shirt are iconic of a young American boy and are the kind of thing many of us today might wear. He also sports high-top shoes, which have been in style for as long as anyone can remember. Phineas knows what’s up.

Phineas knows what’s up.

— Editor Cecily Shaber

However, Ferb is much less stylistically adept. For one, his pants are purple of all colors, which clashes with his green hair. But they are also extraordinarily high-waisted. There is, in fact, a limit to how high-waisted a pair of bottoms can be, and Ferb has surpassed it.

Even with fashion choices aside, Phineas’ big-brain attitude makes him the better brother because he has all the brilliant ideas and leadership capabilities that made summer great for all his friends.

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Ferb, the alpha brother

In the children’s TV show “Phineas and Ferb,” both brothers dedicated their summer to “doing it all,” yet only one brother truly made the most of their 104 days – Ferb. 

Ferb, while more quiet and reserved, is truly the brains of the operations.

— Editor-in-Chief Caroline Hubbard

Since Phineas was more outgoing and talkative, he is often credited as the better brother. This is not true. Ferb, while more quiet and reserved, is truly the brains of the operations. 

Take every invention, for example. While Phineas was always on the ground holding blueprints, and talking, Ferb was doing the actual building.

Ferb often chooses to stick to the background and get stuff done. He is modest and does not flaunt his smarts, unlike Phineas who wants everyone to praise him. Ferb knows his brother has a fragile ego and self-confidence issues, so he allows him to feel important through silence. 

On a similar note Phineas is always running his mouth, so when he talks no one cares enough to listen, whereas when Ferb talks everyone knows it is going to be important. 

A common argument for team Phineas is that he ultimately got the girl in the end, but how long did it take him to realize that Isabella had feelings for him? Years. Her eyes literally turned to hearts, and she straight up told him she liked him yet the boy still did not know. 

Ever wonder why Ferb did not care to ask? Because he knew.

— Editor-in-Chief Caroline Hubbard

Ferb, on the other hand, was able to pull Vanessa Doofensmerts from the get go. Yea, that’s right, he got a cool, older lady. 

Ferb also knew from the start that Perry the Platypus was a secret agent. Proof of this is in the movie “Phineas and Ferb: Another Dimension.” When Perry revealed himself as Agent P., Phineas was beyond shocked and hurt whereas Ferb did not bat an eye because he knew all along and did not want to reveal it. Phineas always asked, “Where’s Perry?” Ever wonder why Ferb did not care to ask? Because he knew. 

Between the two brothers Ferb is superior and was truly the brains behind everything.

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