Cats and dogs are pets loved by so many people. Staff Writers Ella Bissonnette and Madi Handley dispute which is the best pet, cats or dogs.

Cats, the better choice

Dogs or cats is a long-debated issue, but the better would have to be cats. 

Cats are easy to maintain. They are the perfect pet for someone who is busy or is in a small living space. Cats do not take up as much room and are great for all different types of living situations. Unlike dogs, cats can live happily in an apartment.

[Y]ou do not have to wrestle [cats] into the bath and get your clothes all soaked.

— Staff Writer Madi Handley

Most cats are indoor pets, but if you let them live outdoors they can be a great pest control by keeping them at bay. It is free and keeps the little pests away. While you will have to pay for flea and tick medicine, it is not that much in the grand scheme of things. 

Cats clean themselves, which is great because then you do not have to wrestle them into the bath and get your clothes all soaked. Dogs make such a big mess when you need to bathe them. It is much easier to have a pet that cleans themselves.

Cats are quiet, content animals that can snuggle up next to you as you sleep.

— Staff Writer Madi Handley

The fur balls also make the perfect snuggle buddy. Dogs take up too much room and are loud. Cats are quiet, content animals that can snuggle up next to you as you sleep. 

Cats are happy with food and a place to nap, while dogs need so much more than that. They need attention and to go play. While this works if you have little kids who stay home, it proves to be challenging when they grow up and go to school. The dog would no longer have someone to play with. 

Cats make the better pet in many different ways, so go to your local animal shelter and adopt one today.

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Make the ‘best’ decision, choose dogs

Dogs have been around for 30,000 years, and have been by our side ever since. Cats have only been here for 10,000-12,000 years. There is a reason behind why everyone calls dogs “man’s best friend.”

As you well know, dogs and cats are pets. Pets are your companions and are always there for you. Dogs first started with humans and have evolved to stay by their sides. Cats have just started to stand by humans. You could say they are literal “copy cats.”

You could say they are literal ‘copy cats.’

— Staff Writer Ella Bissonnette

Since cats are claimed to be simple, people often choose them as their companions. Let’s get one thing straight – they are not simple. Cats require litter boxes, scratch up furniture, scratch you, cough up hairballs, run away, and they bring stray animals into the house.

Dogs are so much better, for starters no litter boxes. Litter boxes play a huge role in cats’ lives. When owning a dog you don’t need a litter box. Litter boxes you have to clean constantly, and they give off a disturbing odor. Then they get stuck in your cat’s fur, and they track it around your house. Yuck! 

Owning a dog promotes your active lifestyle.

— Staff Writer Ella Bissonnette

Dogs have nice smooth hair, and a lovable face. They might track mud once in a while, but if trained they never track in their own waste. 

Dogs are also way easier to train. You cannot train cats. Sure, they know how to use the litter box, but they cannot “play dead” or “roll over.” Dogs actually take pride in learning new tricks, other than cats.

Also, dogs can protect you. If an intruder comes (the Amazon guy), dogs are on top of it (or him). They alert you by barking, and can help you fight back. Cats are going to scurry away and hide, not dogs.

Although dogs need activity and cats do not, they have a positive effect on you. Owning a dog promotes your active lifestyle. Dogs love to go on walks and runs, and taking them is exercising for you.

Is there really a competition? Everyone can see, dogs are the best pet.

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