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Spring and fall are great seasons. Staff Writers Agnes Sørensen and Mateya Petrova discuss various aspects of each in an attempt to decide which is ultimately better.

Not too hot, not too cold

We all have different seasons we like the most. I would definitely choose spring if I had to choose between spring and fall. 

Spring is a great time. It is not too hot and not too cold to be outside. Who does not like not sweating or freezing all the time?

It might be cold during the morning, but it will be perfect when you get off from school. You can now leave your jacket at home and might even wear shorts and a t-shirt. 

When you do sports in the spring you will avoid the humidity, which we all like. It is great not sweating just from the thought of sports like in the beginning of fall. Sports give us opportunities to join new teams and meet new people, while doing something we like. 

Spring is always so pretty when the flowers and leaves spring out. The snakes might not even be out yet, so you would probably not even have to worry about them. 

There will be lots of new fresh foods this time of year like strawberries, bananas, apples, and avocados. Avocados means Mexican food for a lot of people, and who does not like Mexican food?

Easter comes in the spring. Easter is a great religious holiday, but Easter also comes with lots of amazing food. Plus, you can decorate your garden and your house and be really creative. 

And let’s not forget that spring is the season before summer, which means we will soon have our summer break. You will soon not have to worry about all of your school work and not have all the stress school brings. You might be going on a summer camp, traveling, doing fun stuff with friends or even soon be going off to college. 

Fall offers Halloween and Thanksgiving, but honestly it is a bit stressful to get everything as you want it to be. Also you just started school after a long and nice summer. Fall also means that it will soon be winter, which does mean Christmas, but it is really stressful to find gifts. 

When you think of all these things you have no doubts that spring is the best choice, when it comes to spring or fall.

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Adventures in the fall

Fall is the best because that is the time when you get to see all of the leaves changing color on the trees, and the road is covered in leaves. The weather is cooler, but it is not to the point where it has freezing temperatures. 

During fall you can take fall walks and you are not going to be exhausted from the heat of summer. Fall time is the perfect time to go on hikes with your family, do a picnic with friends, and enjoy long walks. 

Fall has a lot of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Columbus Day. People get to spend more time with family during the breaks and go on vacations. 

Spring is right after winter. Winter is the tough and cold season where no one wants to leave and then you get spring which gets really hot really fast. Fall fits perfectly between summer and winter. It is not 100 degrees outside, but it is also not 0 degrees. 

When the Halloween season comes around, lots of families enjoy going apple picking, pumpkin carving, decorating, going trick or treating, and watching scary movies with loved ones. 

During spring time you can do a lot of fun things too and it is warm enough to go outside again. There just are not that many holidays in spring where people get to go on holidays with family, play with cousins, and get school days off. 

The best part of fall is seeing how nature changes colors when a different season comes on. Seeing the leaves changing colors and the wind moving the trees and breathing that cool fresh air while sitting on your front porch drinking hot cocoa. Fall also has many different fall drinks in stores like pumpkin spice lattes and caramel lattes. 

Spring and summer are great seasons, but it gets too hot, and people prefer staying inside. In fall people will enjoy and be excited to go outside because of the weather and how beautiful the fresh air is. 

Fall is the best season, because you get to enjoy all the fun and exciting holidays with family and friends. 

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