Chocolate comes in many flavors – the most popular ones are milk chocolate and dark chocolate. In this week’s “Head 2 Head,” Staff Writers Jessica Doyle and Jax Rainey discuss multiple aspects of the two to decide which is better.

Keep it classic, choose milk chocolate

Nowadays, there are tons of chocolates to choose from. Out of all of them, milk chocolate is the best. 

Milk chocolate is always a safe option. Isn’t it always better to be safe than sorry? 

Even though there are healthier chocolate options, like dark chocolate, you do not get the same delicious, creamy taste.

Milk chocolate is classic. It is the original chocolate. It is the go-to flavor for ice cream, cake, cupcakes, and drinks like hot chocolate and chocolate milk. You do not see people looking for “dark chocolate milk” and “dark chocolate ice cream.” 

Sure, it is an option nowadays to buy the dark version of chocolate products, but originally companies only offered milk chocolate to the public.

When you are going to eat something sweet, do you want those empty calories to go toward something that is worth it? When I crave something sweet, I do not try to “sugar-coat” the empty calories. 

If you are going to eat something sweet, why not eat something creamy, chocolatey, smooth, and all-around delicious? The bitter taste of dark chocolate does not compare to the satisfying taste of milk chocolate. Those extra calories are worth it.

In the times we are in now, almost everybody is shopping on a budget. Why should citizens spend their hard-earned money on chocolate that tastes worse and is more expensive? They shouldn’t! 

Dark chocolate is almost always more expensive than milk chocolate and tastes less sweet and creamy. Sounds like a rip-off.

Baking is a hobby a lot of people enjoy, and others do not so much. Either way, when baking or cooking using chocolate, milk chocolate is always easier to work with. It melts easier and has a softer texture than dark chocolate. 

You can never go wrong serving milk chocolate chip cookies or giving someone a milk chocolate Hershey’s bar. 

Always better to be safe than sorry. Stay safe and choose milk chocolate.

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Delight in every bite, choose dark chocolate

Everyone knows the difference between dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Whether it is the sweeter, more processed taste of milk chocolate, or the far superior less sweet and earthy taste of dark chocolate. 

The difference between the two has sparked a very interesting debate spanning centuries as to which one is superior, and I am here to settle it. 

Although dark chocolate and milk chocolate have very similar ingredients, there is a staunch difference in how healthy they are in comparison. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that dark chocolate is not pumped to the absolute brim with milk, fat, and sugar, giving it the perfect balance of bitterness and a toned down sweetness that will not make you vomit after a single bite. 

Putting my personal opinion aside, this has a lot of benefits including adding an abundance of beneficial antioxidants called flavonoids. On average, dark chocolate contains two to three times more flavonoids than milk chocolate, which gives a huge health benefit to your heart as flavonoids help to relax your blood vessels and improve blood flow. 

Dark chocolate is not only superior health wise, but also flavor wise. On average, milk chocolate is processed with only 10-50% cocoa, whereas dark chocolate is processed with upwards of 50-90%. This gives dark chocolate a very distinct natural taste that cannot be beat from milk chocolate. Because there is a large lack of actual cocoa products in milk chocolate, it is pumped full of sugars, dairy, and preservatives that makes it feel like I am eating a bar of high cholesterol rather than a sweet treat. 

I will admit, milk chocolate does have a very sweet and creamy flavor that I find myself enjoying from time to time, especially if I have a sweet tooth. On top of this, milk chocolate is also more cost effective, and if someone is trying to budget I could see why they would go with the cheaper option, but it is clear that the few extra dollars that are put into dark chocolate is worth it.

Dark chocolate is superior in almost every aspect. Whether it is taste or health benefits, dark chocolate will always remain superior from its counterpart. With all the mounting evidence, would you not pick dark chocolate, too?

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