Cities vs. towns

Many people have preferences to either living in the city or a town. In this week’s “Head to Head,” staff writers Agnes Sørensen and Mateya Petrova discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cities and towns.

The city never sleeps

I grew up in Denmark, where I have lived in both a small town and a city. Because of my experiences I can soundly say I have a preference for the city. I love the city and all that happens. 

A city does not have to be the size of New York or Chicago to contain plenty of activities. Cities normally have multiple shopping areas, great restaurants, museums, parks, music venues, great schools, and sports stadiums. Most cities have public transportation opportunities, which makes it easy to get around and have more fun. 

There is always something going on in a city, which makes it hard to get bored compared to a smaller town where people usually have a desire to go on a vacation because everything is very routine-based and boring. 

In a city there is always something going on. 

— Staff Writer Agnes Sorensen

Everybody knows each other in a small town, so life stays easy and bland for a long time. You need to go out and experience new things. In a city there is always something going on. 

I really like the city, because you do not need a car to get around. Public transportation is fun because it is easy, fast, and efficient. Even though you might live a more busy life, you can always do something with your friends or family. 

A town can also be pretty cool because you know more people and everyone is kind of connected like here in the Starr’s Mill area. I think it is nice when people know each other, even though it is mostly just small talk.

However, cities give more space for different cultures, which I think is essential for people to experience. It is usually the same people, who live in a smaller town for a long time, which means that they really have to get around to experience new things. 

A city does not necessarily have to have skyscrapers and be as huge as New York City, but I love all the things there are to do compared to a town where things usually stay the same for a long time. A city just has a lot of life, which makes life more fun.

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Keep it small, relaxing

For people who would like to enjoy the little things in life and take things slow, living in a little town is a perfect choice. Suburbs and towns make the perfect place to relax and enjoy life and nature. 

Living in a town is much better than a city because houses are more spaced out, giving families the opportunity to relax and spend more time together. 

Towns are a great space to live in if you want to be somewhere quieter with fewer people. 

— Staff Writer Mateya Petrova

Living in small towns is a better option because they can offer bigger houses that are spaced out and have more land than cities that have big apartments and corporate buildings. 

The vast population of cities creates a great cacophony of sound which makes it hard to concentrate. Towns are a great space to live in if you want to be somewhere quieter with fewer people. 

Big cities can cause a lot of air pollution by having tons of automobiles driving 24/7. While in small towns and rural areas, fewer vehicles are driving around which makes the air much cleaner and easier to breathe. 

Towns or villages or small cities make this life a lot better for the environment and for the people to explore new things. Towns do have schools and education for both children and adults, and some shopping stores are enough to supply you with what you need the most. 

With a small and unique suburban house and a big land space, many people love having a farm on the lot and taking care of animals. Others love using the space to build homes and using it for sports and family events. 

Towns do not have the space for malls like cities do, but towns are often located right outside the big city. It is for people who are looking for somewhere nice and not as expensive or loud as the cities, and somewhere to begin the next chapter of their lives. 

If you are a family looking for a nice smaller space to move to start a new chapter of your life, then the towns are a perfect choice for you. It gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new and have adventures along the way.

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