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Rap vs. rock

Rock and Rap music are two of the most popular genres in music. Staff Writers Jenson Mahr and Jessica Doyle discuss their opinions on which genre is better.

Rap music, commonly misunderstood

Rap began to really gain popularity in the 1970s. Who does not love the 1970s? This was the time of standing up for yourself and your community. 

Not everyone is able to acknowledge the positives that sprout from rap music.

— Staff Writer Jessica Doyle

Society united through the fight for equality, environmental movements, and anti-war movements. During all this, music, arts, and culture played a big part, including the rise of the rap or hip-hop genre of music. 

Although many argue that rap music has a negative effect on its listeners, especially youth, due to common profanity and representation of violence and drugs, it is easy to misunderstand this genre. It is unfair to speak for the whole of the genre based on a handful of songs. Not everyone is able to acknowledge the positives that sprout from rap music. 

Rap music has played a big part in unifying diverse populations around the world as it began as a subculture among Black communities in America, but has grown into a global culture. Now, the genre has spread beyond the Black population as non-black communities comprise 75 percent of the global hip-hop audience. 

Rap has played a major role in promoting social and political awareness among today’s youth as it continues to educate people about social issues such as poverty, inner-city struggles, racial discrimination, individuality, the importance of education, and pursuing your dreams. It can act as an outlet for people to speak freely about their views and influences teenagers to acknowledge these issues in doing so. 

A good example of this is Tupac Shakur and the East Coast All-Stars. Shakur was commonly criticized for their lyrics despite the fact that his music brought awareness to the inner-city social problems in the country.

Rap music really allows you to just feel and connect with the lyrics and beat.

— Staff Writer Jessica Doyle

“Self Destruction” by the East Coast All-Stars was intended to encourage a positive change in society and not only create awareness surrounding inner city problems concerning violence, but it also showed that rappers were able to be socially conscious and produce positive music.

Rap music is also being used as a form of therapy in which it engages youth and helps address their issues as the global youth population is able to reflect on their experiences by connecting with rap lyrics. 

Multiple organizations aimed to help the youth by using rap as a tool to decrease violence such as the ELEMENTary Hip Hop Skool and Project Spitfire. These programs aim to influence the youth to choose the right path in life apart from violence. 

Given all these explanations, rap is not as bad a music genre as people believe it to be. It allows a connection with the teenage population and is even capable of instilling a positive influence on the younger generation. 

Rap music really allows you to just feel and connect with the lyrics and beat. Sometimes it even gets me out of my own head and allows me to destress or take my mind off things. I would recommend giving the genre a chance if you have not already.

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Rock music, the more energetic genre

Rock music has been around longer than rap music. We have experienced different types of rock, including hard rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, and indie rock What most people look for in their music is positive emotions that make them feel good, which rock is great at.

Instruments are the most important part of songs and rock music always has that.

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Rock music can also help reduce stress and even regulate mood. Personally, I gain more positive vibes from listening to rock music than any other genre. There is more instrumental music to rock songs that help catch the picture of each song. Instruments are the most important part of songs and rock music always has that. 

Some of the most popular rock bands are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. These rock bands were some of the bands that made rock music what it is today. From listeners all over the world, they would travel everywhere for everyone to hear their music. 

Back then around the 1960s-1990s rock music was in its prime. The beginning of rock n’ roll began when Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry gave it the boost it needed to go mainstream. In the beginning, people started to become interested in rock while concentrating on the sounds of instruments and rhythm. 

When the technology of musical instruments improved, the electric guitar became popular. When I listen to rock music, I also find the electric guitar most appealing and the beating of the drums. The sound of rock music keeps the blood flowing and increases adrenaline. 

Rock music is the greatest genre of music to listen to when feeling down.

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

If you want to listen to some artists who would help create this momentum of positive vibes, I would encourage Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Van Halen, and Audioslave.  All of the top 25 best-selling albums of all time sold over 18 million copies each, and the best-selling debut album is a rock album.

Rock music takes more time to produce, especially when you are in a band with a group of people because everyone has to work together. Other genres like rap and pop only have to create lyrics and beats to their music which does not take as long as rock music. Rock music has been more successful even when taking longer to produce it. 

If you are looking to enjoy music that will help get the blood flowing, rock music is the best choice out of all the genres. Rock music is the greatest genre of music to listen to when feeling down. 

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