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Cheers to Starburst. Who doesn’t love a nice, yummy, sweet, and chewy Starburst? They are so flavorful and delicious. All flavors are bursting with goodness, except the yellow lemon squares of yuck.

Cheers to pumpkins (not to be confused with the also elite pumpkin spice). Those big orange sphere[ish] pumpkins make front porches all homey during the month of October. Plus, carving them is the best. 

Who doesn’t love a nice, yummy, sweet, and chewy Starburst?”

Cheers to pre-made Spotify playlists. It’s awesome that you can just search up your mood and boom up comes a playlist for it. Spotify has everything from country love songs to cry-your-eyes-out classical. Spotify playlists also feature in all ”Panther Tracks” photos. 

Cheers to Rock Salt Milk Bar opening in the new food court downtown Senoia. It is a great place to go after school. Be sure to say “Hello!” to Editor Joslyn Weber while you are there.

Cheers to Dancing with the Pantherettes tomorrow night at 7 p.m. in Duke Auditorium. It features all your favorite dance team members, and their athlete partner showcasing their talent. Be sure to attend and vote for your favorite. 

Cheers to Editor Annika Pepper’s handwriting. While in class today picking out these wonderful cheers and jeers, Editor-in-Chief Caroline Hubbard (who writes these things) decided that she was tired and did not feel like writing on the board. Annika and her wonderful handwriting did it very beautifully and legibly instead.

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Jeers to the new Mario movie. Who in the world decided that it was okay to cast Chris Pratt as Mario? Has the man even played Super Smash Bros? 

Jeers to the new Chick-fil-A lids. They are super-flimsy and do not stay on the cups for anything, no matter how many times you fix it. Let’s all just hope this is a temporary problem and that they will soon get the normal lids back. 

Who in the world decided that it was okay to cast Chris Pratt as Mario?”

Jeers to our adviser Justin Spencer for not letting us use a beautiful and artistic photo as the feature image for a recent JV softball story. This most definitely is considered censorship. 

Jeers to the ridiculous “devious lick” Tik Tok trend. I hope that whoever thinks it is okay to deface and steal school property realizes that instead of hurting the school, they are hurting the sweet janitors that have to clean up the mess. They are also wasting their parents’ tax dollars that have to now go toward replacing these stolen items instead of being put toward things to help benefit the learning environment. Enjoy the felony charges. You earned them. 

Jeers to choking on water. It is awful when you go to take a sip of water and it goes down the wrong pipe. Meanwhile, you sit there looking stupid dying because of water. 

Jeers to Staff Writer Craig Bardo’s handwriting. While we appreciate the effort and willingness to stand in for Editor-in-Chief Caroline Hubbard, no one had any idea what he was writing.  He did draw a pretty pumpkin though.

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