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Cheers to the snow that we got Saturday night. It is rare that we get this much snow, and definitely something to celebrate even though it did not get us out of school.

That is a lot of trophies!”

Cheers to our Starr’s Mill swim team winning the County Championship again. That is 22 years in a row. Wow. Imagine losing 22 years in a row, not us.

Cheers to the eight people who placed at BetaCon. Congratulations on such a huge honor and way to represent Panther Nation in Savannah. 

Cheers to the deliciousness that is the Costco food court. Fun fact: You do not have to have a membership to get food there! 

Cheers to the Starr’s Mill dance team’s clean sweep this weekend. They successfully placed first in every category for the fourth time in four competitions this season. That is a lot of trophies!

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Jeers to all the litter on Robinson Road. It is not that hard to just throw your trash away at home, people. Stop trashing our community.

Stop trashing our community.”

Jeers to unsafe drivers who do not defrost their windows before driving. Doing so limits how much you can see and increases the risk of a wreck. 

Jeers to the “pockets” in women’s jeans. When I cannot even carry ChapStick, can you even call them pockets? 

Jeers to “The Bachelor.” It is just weird watching women compete over sub-par men, especially this year’s candidate, Clayton. If the guy is not even a seven, why have the show?

Jeers to the current lack of groceries. Whether it is a shipping, a production, or a stocking issue, just give us some avocados!

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