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Cheers to Girl Scout cookies. Those adorable little girls could come up to me and convince me to buy 20 boxes of toffee tactics (the absolute best Girl Scout cookie) any day. I am pretty sure they put something in them to make them so addictive, or maybe I just have a problem. 

Imagine being that level of awesome.

Cheers to Russian skater Kamila Valieva, the first woman to ever land a quadruple jump, at the Olympics. Valieva is also only 15 years old. 

Cheers to winter break coming up next week. Students are looking forward to nine whole days away from school. Whether you are using it to travel, relax at home, or catch up on work, a break is always enjoyed.  

Cheers to senior Seth Roach for being named valedictorian and winning two individual state championships in the same week. Imagine being that level of awesome. You go, dude! 

Cheers to the Quartet le Petit who has been acknowledged for receiving several rewards for their performance with the Vega Quartet. Quartet le Petit was one of five small ensembles in the county to perform.

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Jeers to the candy companies taking advantage of the poor, sad, single, and lonely people on Valentine’s Day by racking up the prices for a single box of chocolates. Just because they want something to fill the void in their heart on this day of “in your face love” does not give an excuse to charge an arm and a leg for candy. 

I just want to park in my old spot again! 

Jeers to the student parking lot still being under construction from the water main break. Almost a month has passed with the area marked off. I just want to park in my old spot again! 

Jeers to online driver’s tests. It is like every single person who did the online tests mid-covid are the worst drivers on the planet. What happened to doing a follow-up road test? I’m scared of these people. 

Jeers to when you think you connected your AirPods but you really did not, and end up playing MoBomba out loud in the middle of a quiet class. Yes, this did really happen to Staff Writer Bella Gorman. Yes, she was very embarrassed. Yes, she will be annoyed at her EIC for calling her out like this. 

Jeers to teachers who are inconsistent with enforcing rules. If you get on to one student for being on their phone, but there’s another student right next to them playing games on their phone who does not get in trouble, I do not really see how that is fair.

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