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Cheers to Thai food. It is just one of those types of food that fit any mood you are in. Sad? Thai food. Happy? Thai food. Mentally exhausted, and burned out? Thai food. 

Mentally exhausted, and burned out? Thai food.”

Cheers to our baseball team sweeping McIntosh in three games last week. The wins secured Starr’s Mill a place in the state playoffs and the chance to defend their AAAAA title. Congratulations, guys! 

Cheers to the Shuler awards this Thursday. Our drama department has worked incredibly hard this year to earn their three nominations and two honorable mentions. 

Cheers to mini sports. For some reason playing things like mini golf is just way more satisfactory than normal golf. 

Cheers to the new Thor 4 movie, “Love and Thunder,” coming out on July 8. Go check out the trailer!

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Jeers to Milestones starting next week. An extra special jeer for those juniors who are taking AP Lang and any other AP students who have to take more standardized tests. 

Am I going to stop drinking coffee everyday? No.”

Jeers to Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are the worst days of the week. On Tuesday you have already used up all of the energy you got from the weekend on Monday, so everyone is tired. On Thursday, you are burned out from the week, but still have one more day to power through.

Jeers to unsolved murders. It is really sad to see old murder cases that never get resolved. Imagine how their family feels not knowing. 

Jeers to college tours not being allowed after spring break. I understand it is a busy time of the year, but what if someone is still undecided?

Jeers to caffeine addiction. Do I feel bad when I do not drink coffee everyday? Yes. Am I going to stop drinking coffee everyday? No.

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