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Cheers to cake items. Everything from cupcakes to cake pops, you cannot go wrong with cake-based items for any occasion. Unless you cannot have gluten, and in that case, we are sorry. 

The spicy. The chicken. The biscuit. The deliciousness.”

Cheers to our proximity to Atlanta. We are so close that going into the city for things like concerts, plane rides, and Six Flags is no issue.

Cheers to the return of the Chick-fil-A spicy chicken biscuit. The spicy. The chicken. The biscuit. The deliciousness.  

Cheers to fireworks. No, not the Katy Perry song, although it is pretty spectacular. Fireworks are just so beautiful to look at.

Cheers to Gatorade and Powerade. According to those that actually contribute to these Cheers & Jeers, yellow is the best Gatorade flavor and zero sugar purple is the best for Powerade. Both drinks, no matter what flavor you prefer, are a great source of tasty hydration.

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Jeers to Milestones testing. Students are already stressed enough as is with AP testing and finals coming up, so add in another 3+ hour test that counts as 20% of each student’s grade. 

School is a Monday through Friday thing.”

Jeers to sunburns. Why can you not just go to the beach, lay out all day and come back beautifully tan, instead of being in stinging pain for days?

Jeers to school events on a Saturday. It’s a Saturday. School is a Monday through Friday thing. We are not talking about sports and clubs. We are talking about classes that meet for 50 minutes a day, five days a week. At the very least make it optional to show up, and give time to work on things during school hours, instead of saying it will count as a grade. Some of us have things like work on the weekends. 

Jeers to the end of the year crazy. Like we said above, students have Milestones, AP exams, final exams, and normal class work. Can’t it just be summer already?

Jeers to Amber Heard. That’s all. If you have kept up with recent news, you know this needs no explanation.

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