Mandalorian: Season 3

March 3, 2023

“The Mandalorian” returned to Disney+ on March 1 for a third season and it is picking up right after Din Djarin took off his helmet and now he has to find a way to redeem himself with the creed.

The main purpose of the first season of “The Mandalorian” was for Din Djarin to protect the child Grogu from the Imperial remnant. Season 2 focused on returning Grogu to where he belongs.

Moff Gideon was the antagonist from last season, and we believe he will be coming back this season. Moff Gideon wanted Gorgu for his force sensitive blood. We thought that this might have something to do with him trying to create clones of Emperor Palpatine who had been resurrected. There is a theory, which is most likely true, that Emperor Palpatine wants to use some of his blood and Grogu’s blood to make Snoke.

On top of that, Bo-Katan lost the dark saber to Moff Gideon prior to the Mandolorian getting it, but she refused to take it back when it was freely offered to her. Now she is on a personal redemption arc in her character development. She wants to restore honor and respect to her homeland of the Mandalorian people.

Nine episodes will comprise season 3 with a new episode released each Wednesday. Episodes are expected to run between 40 and 50 minutes with the final episode scheduled for April 19.

Editor Katie Johnson and Staff Writer Jenson Mahr will be here every Thursday to recap and give our opinion of each episode.

Episode 1: The Apostate


Lucas Film Studios

Disney’s first photo of Mandalorian season 3. Vale and the pirates meet Greef Karga and DIn Djarin for the first time. The Pirates become possible enemies after a shootout in the streets of Navarro.

As far as first episodes go to start off the new season of “The Mandalorian,” the main purpose of the season is for Din Djarin to redeem his faith.

In the first episode of season three, we learn what the Mandalorian must do to redeem his religion from becoming an apostate. 

For Din Djarin to redeem himself and show that he is loyal to the Mandalorian creed, he must travel to the depths of Mandalore and bring back proof to the Armorer that he has bathed himself in living waters. By creed this would uplift his decree of exile. 

The first episode of “The Mandalorian” begins with a child being baptized in the name of the Mandalorian religion. The Armorer who oversees the Mandalorian culture expresses their religion by baptizing the child with his helmet. This type of baptism is a part of their culture referring to the Mandalorian creed. The Mandalorians’ creed is that they can never remove their helmet.

[H]e must travel to the depths of Mandalore and bring back proof to the Armorer that he has bathed himself in living waters.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Later after meeting with the Armorer, Din returns to the planet Navarro with Grogu alongside him. The Mandalorian’s plan is to meet with his old friend Greef Karga and acquire a droid named IG-11. IG-11 was first programmed to be a killer droid but was then reprogrammed to be a medical droid.

In the past, Din did not trust the droid, but he had a change of heart after IG-11 saved his life back in the beginning of Season 1. After Din convinces Greef to allow him to rebuild IG-11, the droid’s circuits get fried and he transitions back to his original programming, which is to be a killer droid. Din gave the IG unit to an anzellan for him to fix it so he can take it on his quest to Mandalore.

While finding a droid to take with him to Mandalore, Din makes enemies with the local pirates on Navarro. While protecting his friend Greef Karga, Din shoots some of the pirates, although leaves the main pirate, Vane, alive.

Since Vane could be an enemy later during the season, he probably should not have left him alive when he had the chance. 

Later in the episode, Din fights Vane and a few of his friends in space as they surround him. Vane traps Din to where he has target lock on him, but Din is able to escape quickly without any hesitation. The pirates hint at future villains that may show up throughout the rest of the season. 

[Bo-Katan] is able to give him the exact coordinates to the place on Mandalore that he is looking for to atone for his sin.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

After escaping the pirates, Mando visits the planet Kalevala to meet Bo-Katan, a previous ruler of the Mandalorian. Din Djarin recently became the Mandalorian ruler because he acquired the dark saber in a fight with Moff Gideon. 

Din hopes that he can join Bo-Katan and her lawful Mandalorians, but it turns out that her people were fractured after attempting to obtain the dark saber. Instead, she is able to give him the exact coordinates to the place on Mandalore that he is looking for to atone for his sin. 

After receiving the coordinates, Din and Grogu leave ominously. 

To wrap up this week’s episode, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Bo-Katan and the pirates from Navarro might crop up as enemies later in this season
  • With Bo-Katan being a possible enemy, she might fight Din Djarin for the dark saber 
  • Din must return to Mandalore to redeem his faith of his creed
  • Grogu caught his eye on a purgill while in hyperspace, which could possibly hint at an appearance of Ezra Bridgard later on in the season.

Episode 2: The Mines of Mandalore



Din Djarin takes a look in the cave where all the remnants of homes and cities were. Episode 2 focuses on Djarin’s quest for redemption via the Living Waters of Mandalore.

Episode 2 begins after Bo-Katan has given Mando and Grogu the exact coordinates to Mandalore so he can atone for his sin.  

Din Djarin and Grogu go to Mos Isley on Tatooine where they talk to Peli Motos. She persuades them to take an escort droid with them to Mandalore. 

As they reach hyper-space, Din proceeds to tell Grogu about Mandalore and where he grew up on the Moon Concordia next to the planet. Once they land on the planet’s surface, Din reminds Grogu of the path that Bo-Katan wanted them to take.

He sends an R5 unit to scope out the planet and is surprised to find that the planet is breathable. This gave Mando hope that the Living Waters did exist and were still intact so he could complete his mission.

Three main points from this episode:. 

  • Inhabitants living on Mandalore

When he first arrived on the planet, Mando was shocked to see that he could breathe on the planet and Bo-Katan was right that it was not cursed. 

The Armorer had previously informed Din that the planet was uninhabitable and dangerous to be on…”

— Editor Katie Johnson

The Armorer had previously informed Din that the planet was uninhabitable and dangerous to be on, but there are living creatures on the planet.

As they moved deeper on the planet he reached a cave and was attacked by Allimates. Din uses the dark saber to fight them off when his regular weapons fail. 

He also encounters crab-like robotic creatures living in a lair littered with Mandalorian helmets. This crab-thing catches Din by surprise and traps him inside a kind of cage spinning over a fire with fluid-draining tubes attached. 

  • Grogu helps the mission 

After Mando is captured, Grogu hops back into the pod and speeds away where he has R5-D4 fly him to Kalevala to alert Bo-Katan.

As Grogu leads Bo-Katan back down to where Din is trapped, she tells him a bit of her own story. She explains that she is the scion of the family who once ruled Mandalore, before the Empire and militant sects like Din’s wrecked everything. She had even befriended Jedi as well.

She disagrees and says that Mandalore is a tomb of what it once was. ”

— Editor Katie Johnson

This interchange provides background information related to Bo-Katan and the planet in general.

  • Bo-Katan was willing to save Din Djarin 

When Grogu first landed on Kalevala, Bo-Katan was pretty angry with Mando and was going to get rid of him “once and for all.” When she came out she was shocked to see Grogu alone and she was willing to help save Din. 

Once they rescue Mando, he tells Bo-Katan that she was right that the planet was not cursed. She disagrees and says that Mandalore is a tomb of what it once was. 

Then she leads them to the Living Waters where she recites another legend. She explains the Mythosaur that lived in the mines of Beskar but was allegedly tamed by Mandalore the Great. 

To think about for next week’s episode:

  • Mando has been to the Living Waters, so his main mission should be complete. What’s next?
  • Bo-Katan saved Mando twice. Is she about to use him for another quest?

Episode 3: The Convert



Dr. Pershing sits with the robot to discuss whether he is continuing to like the amnesty program or not. This episode focuses on Dr. Pershing and his new job in the amnesty program with the New Republic.

Episode 3 begins with Bo-Katan staring at the depths of the Living Waters in shock. In the previous episode, it was revealed that a living Mythosaur lies at the bottom of the mine. Din and Bo-Katan leave the planet when Din awakes after almost drowning in the water.

After leaving the planet, Din and Bo-Katan are surrounded by Imperial Remnants in Tie Interceptors. They lead the squadron of Interceptors back to Bo-Katan’s planet on Kalevala, and Bo-Katan drops Din to his ship mid-air so Din can assist Bo-Katan on taking down the Interceptors in his N-1 Starfighter.

They are able to take out the first phase of Interceptors until another squad arrives and destroys Bo-Katan’s home. Immediately, Bo-Katan is enraged, wanting to risk everything and take down the rest of the Interceptors that show up. Din persuades Bo-Katan into letting go of what had happened. Din and Bo-Katan leave the planet and head where the Imperial Remnant would never find them. 

The scene then transitions to Coruscant, where the episode features Dr. Pershing for most of the episode. Dr. Pershing is a brilliant scientist who developed cloning technologies and completed science experiments on Grogu in past seasons. Dr. Pershing now works on cataloging data cards with the New Republic.

Mandalorians used to ride and tame these Mythosaur creatures.”

Later, Dr. Pershing reunites with Elia Kane, a former worker for Moff Gideon. Elia is another survivor of Moff Gideon’s previous republic, and she now lies within the New Republic doubtfully. 

At the end of the episode, Din and Bo-Katan are redeemed for their sins because they both were bathed in the Mandalorian waters. 

Three main points from this episode: 

Bo-Katan sees the living Mythosaur

After coming into contact with the Mythosaur, Bo-Katan realizes that it could be the last Mythosaur alive. These creatures have been around for centuries. 

Back in ancient Mandalorian times, Mandalorians used to ride and tame these Mythosaur creatures. Nevertheless, it was believed that these Mythosaur creatures became extinct long before the purge on Mandalore occurred.

Din and Bo-Katan leave the planet and head where the Imperial Remnant would never find them.”

The last time the Mythosaur was mentioned was in Season 1, Episode 1, when Kuiil mentions to Din Djarin that his ancestors used to ride the Mythosaurs.

Dr. Pershing’s adventure

Throughout the episode, Dr. Pershing and Elia Kane take an adventure to an abandoned Imperial ship to steal the mobile lab station that was soon to be scrapped by the New Republic. As they steal the cloning supplies from the lab, they come across the authorities. 

When they were caught, Elia turned to the authorities side, blaming Dr. Pershing. Dr. Pershing wakes up in a lab where the mind-flayer is being used on his brain. As one of the doctors leaves the room, Elia cranks up the intensity on the mind flayer, practically destroying Dr. Pershing’s brain. 

Din Djarin and Bo-Katan redeemed

Din and Bo-Katan return to the planet Arvala-7 where the Armorer and other Mandalorians now stay. Din returns with the good news that he had completed his mission since he bathed himself in the Living Waters of Mandalore. His proof of redemption was the small funnel of water he collected before he left. 

Dr. Pershing wakes up in a lab where the mind-flayer is being used on his brain.”

Alongside Din was Bo-Katan, mentioning that she was a witness of his redemption and that she went to get him in the water. This made the Armorer realize that Bo-Katan had also bathed herself in the waters. 

Now that both Din and Bo-Katan are redeemed, the big question is: Will Bo-Katan stay with the creed and fight alongside other Mandalorians to get her revenge on the Imperial Remnant that destroyed her home? Since Bo-Katan and Din have more allies, they stand a chance against the Imperial Remnant. 

Topics to think about for next week’s episode:

  • Will Bo-Katan keep her helmet on and if she will fight alongside the creed? 
  • What is going to happen with Dr. Pershing?
  • Why did Elia Kane betray Dr. Pershing?

Episode 4: The Foundling



Kelleran Beq accompanies Grogu to a ship in order to help him avoid Executive Order 66. This scene is important because it shows how the Jedi are dedicated to keeping Grogu safe and the way of the Jedi alive.

Last week’s episode was different from the episodes we have previously seen. It did not follow any of the main characters, and instead followed the story of a former Imperial scientist Dr. Pershing seen in previous seasons.

Episode 4 starts out right after Bo-Katan and Mando leave Kalevala in the wake of storm troopers. They travel back to where the other Mandalorians are living. The first part of the episode is more focused on Grogu’s and other foundlings’ training. 

Din Djarin focuses on Grogu becoming a true Mandalorian foundling. Grogu spars against a boy named Ragnar who was more equipped in using Mandalorian weapons and was not afraid to show it when he went against the much smaller child. Grogu eventually had to use some of his Jedi training to win. 

Later in the episode, the Armorer forges Grogu a Mandalorian chest piece and tells him about the Mandalorian way. The sounds of the metal being hit triggers memories from Grogu’s past. At the end of the flashback Grogu receives a round Beskar chest piece after already having the Mithril shirt made of Beskar.

The three main points from this episode: 

With the help of the Naboo Royal Security, they are able to escape the planet.”

— Editor Katie Johnson

  1.  Flashback 

In the flashback, Grogu is being defended by the Jedi during the purge on the Jedi temple on Coruscant and the person who saved him in the end. Turns out it was Master Kelleran Beq who rescued him. With the help of the Naboo Royal Security, they are able to escape the planet.

The flashback was epic and definitely left me wanting more while having so many questions. This flashback is the key to Grogu understanding who he is and what he wants to be in the future. 

I have a feeling we will be seeing more Kelleran Beq this season and other seasons to come.

  1. Saving Ragnar 

Ragnar was the young Mandalorian child that had trained with and sparred against Grogu. 

Ragnar was captured by a dinosaur-like creature. It was later said that he was just one of the children they had been losing. Din, Paz Vizsla, and other Manadalorians take to the sky and chase the creature.

When they return back to the other Mandalorians, they bring back with them three more foundlings to train.”

— Editor Katie Johnson

The party who went to save Ragnar was led by Bo-Katan herself. They make camp for the night near the nest and plan to climb it the next day. Despite her strong leadership and strong initiative, Bo-Katan could be considered another “foundling” of the group, since she has forgotten the traditions of old.

When they reach the nest, Ragnar is nowhere to be seen. His father Paz Vizsla had rushed in too soon and was about to be eaten by the creature’s three babies. 

The pursuit ends with Ragnar being saved, while the creature ends up being eaten by a creature that looks similar to the mythosaur. When they return back to the other Mandalorians, they bring back with them three more foundlings to train. 

  1. Purpose for Grogu

 Grogu comes from the Jedi, yet when he trained with Luke Skywalker in the way of the Jedi, he refused. Early in the episode it is revealed that he retained some of the knowledge. In the training scene he applies his retained knowledge with his current training in the way of the Mandalorian. 

Soon he will have to establish a true path for himself.”

— Editor Katie Johnson

I believe Grogu is going to be instrumental in helping create a better relationship with the reestablishment of the Jedi. As Grogu grows so will his knowledge of the Force and the Mandalorian ways. Soon he will have to establish a true path for himself. 

Grogu is a developing character to watch. He may be young, but he has enormous potential. 

Things to think about for next week: 

  • Are Mandalorian myths real after all Bo-Katan has told the Armorer about the mythosaur she saw and the creature that looked similar to the mythosaur?
  • Grogu is having more flashbacks, so his memory might be returning.
  • Grogu training in the ways of Mandalore has started, and we should expect to see more tactics and occurrences of him using the Force.

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