Panther Family

Those who don’t work at Starr’s Mill, often don’t realize the unique environment of the school. It something faculty and students refer to as the “Panther Family.” 

“In a place like this what really helps to separate Starr’s Mill from a lot of other places is the stability of the faculty here,” Principal Allen Leonard said. “A large number of the faculty have been here since year two or year three or something like that so really and truly this faculty does become very much like a family because we’ve all watched each other grow up.” 

Last school year, The Prowler put a spotlight on Starr’s Mill alumni and their achievements since graduation. But, it’s not just alumni with astounding accomplishments, it’s the extended Panther Family members as well. After years of working alongside each other, the faculty of the Mill have become more than just co-workers, their sons and daughters included. 

“When you go into a hard job and you’re doing it because you love it and you know the financial is not there you continue to do it because the people that you work with are the people that you work for,” Leonard said. “And when I say the people that I work for I’m not talking about my bosses I’m talking about the students in the building and the teachers that work with you guys everyday.”

This year, The Prowler looks to put members of the Panther Family in the limelight by not  talking to just alumni but those related to faculty and staff working at the Mill.

Kali Coley

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