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Courtesy of Tim Monihan

Courtesy of Tim Monihan

Brandon Rew

Farmers Insurance has honored senior Brandon Rew with the sixth player of the week award  for the 2017-2018 school year.

Rew had over 100 yards receiving and one touchdown in  last Friday’s 29-28 loss to  Griffin. Rew would have had nearly 200 years receiving if one play had not been recalled due to penalty.

“He is just now coming into his potential,” head coach Chad Phillips said. ”We always thought he would be a big playmaker for us and he’s finally starting to make big plays.”

The Mill’s passing game is not the team’s focus with the lineup containing four threats in the back field. On the other hand, Rew has started to develop as a threat himself, but in the passing game, adding a new element to the Panther offense.

“This is something I’ve been working at for awhile now, since the beginning of this season,” Rew said. “I’ve set myself some goals and last Friday I thought I accomplished every goal I needed to.”

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