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Beginning of the year Q&A

Aelise Gagliano

Beginning of the year Q&A

The first few weeks of school can be exciting and memorable, especially for the seniors at the Mill. Nine members of the Class of 2017 opened up about their experiences as the 2016-17 school year kicked off, discussing their fond memories and plans for the future. Even though the days may seem to drag on and the weekends couldn’t come any sooner, senior year passes by in the blink of an eye. Here’s a snapshot of what students had to say about the past couple of weeks and the year to come.

Q: What was your experience like getting to chalk up a parking spot for the first day of school?

A: “I really didn’t want to go to chalking because I am the furthest thing from creative and it was nearly 100 degrees outside, but it ended up being fun just goofing off with friends and reconnecting with people.” -Sophie Norton

A: Chalking spots was so much fun. I love being able to be creative and make things my own. It was a lot hotter than I expected though.” -Mary Ellis Goins

Q: Mentally, what was it like to go through your last first day of high school?

A: “It felt right, like it was something I earned and could enjoy.” -Russell Marcum

A: “I guess kind of indifferent. I suppose I was just annoyed I had to sit in homeroom and hear the Code of Conduct for the millionth time.” -Allie Fisher

Q: Briefly explain your first two weeks of senior year.

A: “My first two weeks were kind of difficult. I had to adjust to a new sleep schedule, a new job, and my hardest class was definitely hard work.” -Norton

Q: Have you processed and accepted the fact that you are a senior yet?

A: “I have transcended into the senior state of mind, but at the same time, my mind and body are full of youth.” -Matt Corrigan

A: “It is still hard to believe, but the fact that all my senior friends from last year have started to go off to college makes it a bit more real.” -Fisher

Q: Has being a senior changed your opinion or attitude towards school compared to previous years?

A: “It kind of has. This year so far has been a lot better in regards to homework and has been more chill, but senioritis is starting to kick in. -Adam Warner

A: “A lot of seniors are really into bullying the freshman and what not, but I actually kind of feel like now that I’m the senior, it should be my responsibility to help people out if they need it.” -Norton

Q: Is there any added pressure as a senior since you’re the oldest at the school?

A: “There is added stress this year, but not because we are the oldest in the school. I mean, there is a lot of pressure because we as a class want to be the best senior class and have the underclassmen look at us and think that they can’t top us when we leave.” -Lauren Scott

Q: What did you think of the seniors when you were an underclassman? Did you hold any special respect for them?

A: “I wouldn’t say I respected them as much as I would say I just thought they were so unbelievably funny. They made me laugh so much and I remember thinking ‘there’s no way I could do that as a senior.’” -Goins

Q: Do you think the current underclassmen view you any differently now that you’re a senior?

A: “We all know it. I’m a goober, not a senior.” -Corrigan

A: I don’t think underclass men see me the way I viewed seniors at all. I don’t feel old at all. I don’t break rules like the seniors did when I was a freshman, and I can assure you that I won’t be climbing any windows this year.” -Goins

Q: How is being a senior unlike your previous years in high school?

A: “The biggest difference between senior year and other years is the lack of barriers between us as the graduating class. We’re all now mature enough to respect each other’s interests and have enjoyable conversations with everyone. It creates a sense of unity within the class, and you feel less alone when you’re walking down the hallway.” -Kyle Meyhoefer

Q: Has the idea of college and the application process put any added pressure on you so far?

A: “Most of my stress comes from applying to colleges and all the classes I’m taking.” -Scott

A: “Yes, the thought of college apps is definitely weird. It makes me feel pretty nervous in all honesty because I’m the firstborn in my family and because of that, I don’t have an older sibling to guide me through it.” -Meyhoefer

A: “No, not really. It hasn’t hit me yet.” -Luke Ninneman

Q: Have you taken any standardized tests yet (SAT/ACT)? If so, when did you first prep for and take them?

A: “I first took the ACT sophomore and again junior year but didn’t study much. I still want to improve my scores.” -Ninneman

A: “Standardized testing was something I started a while ago. Sophomores and Juniors need to take it as early as possible. Don’t wait until your senior year. As far as college applications go, I’ve already started them and have to say that it does add a bit of pressure but not much. They’re exciting.” -Goins

Q: Are you satisfied with the standardized testing scores you have already?

A: “I have taken the SAT, and I got a really good score, but I am going to take it again and aim to raise it to a 1400.” -Scott

Q: Do you have an idea of what you would like to study in college or where you would like to go?

A: “Yes, I would like to either go into business or ministry.” -Marcum

A: “I would like to go to Auburn, but I’m not sure what I want to study yet. Possibly something in math or science since those are my favorite subjects.” -Fisher

Q: What are some senior traditions at the Mill?

A: “We have jersey and jorts Thursday plus tailgating.” -Ninneman

A: “Some senior traditions we have are ‘Freshman Friday,’ painting up and ‘Jersday Thursday.’” -Norton

A: “Some senior traditions at Starr’s Mill include chalking your desired parking spot the night before school, painting up for football games, Toga Day, and standing in the front row of the student section. And then there’s always the discrete Senior Skip Day that happens at some point or another.” -Goins

Q: Is there anything you want to do or try senior year, like items on a senior year bucket list?

A: “As far as things that I haven’t done in the past, as a senior, I’d like to be more active in going to school sporting events.” -Meyhoefer

A: “I’ve decided to branch out a little more, which doesn’t make entire sense considering I’m leaving in less than a year, but I want to leave my mark. I also have my hardest schedule yet this year, so my studying is entirely different from previous years.” -Norton

Q: As of now, do you think you will miss anything about the high school experience?

A: “I’ll mainly miss my friends.” -Warner

A: “I’ll definitely miss the opportunities presented by high school to make friends. I feel like that will be a lot harder in college, and of course, I’ll miss all the people I’ve become friends with during my time at Starr’s Mill.” -Meyhoefer

A: “I think the only thing I’ll miss about high school is seeing people every day. I’m planning on going off to an out of state school so this is really my last year to make memories.” -Norton

Q: Define senioritis.

A: “Realizing school doesn’t matter anymore.” -Marcum

A: “Senioritis is when you have been coming to school for too long, so you are ready to get out.” -Fisher

Q: What do you look forward to about senior year?

A: “I look forward to attending dance team nationals and state for my last time and going out with a bang. I really want to win state with my team and make sure we leave a legacy.” -Scott

A: “I look forward to having my final shows with the marching band and just drumming.” -Warner

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