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College applications and acceptances: Part one

Yuri-Grace Ohashi

College applications and acceptances: Part one

When you hear “senior year,” what image pops in your head? Besides senioritis, sleep deprivation and graduation, most seniors will probably mention something about college applications. As the Class of 2017 drags itself through the end of first semester, the question on many seniors’ minds is “what comes next?” For most, the next stage of life after high school includes attending a post-secondary school, and the experiences that they have can shape their outlook on adulthood. The impending crisis of deciding where to attend college comes with a rather large twist– colleges must decide who they want to admit first.

Seniors put in hard work throughout their high school careers, compiling resumes that list their activities and a series of credits that make up their transcripts. They go through the arduous process of filling out applications, applying for financial aid, and creating essays that supposedly encompass their life stories, but that’s as far as their power goes. Seven seniors from the Mill’s Class of 2017 shared their first semester college application experiences and discussed what it’s like to go through the process of making plans for the future.

Q: What colleges have you already applied to?

A: “Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, University of South Carolina and Mercer.” -Alec Mills

A: “I have applied to around 15 schools. There are so so many, such as Mercer, NYU, Auburn, UC Davis, UCLA, Emory, the list goes on.” -Jordan Bobbitt

A: “I applied to Jacksonville State University, Mercer, ‘Bama and Auburn.” -Cassidy Powell

Q: Where have you already heard back from?

A: “UGA sent out its early acceptances on Nov. 18, and I heard from Mercer on Nov. 2.” -Chris Hollingsworth

A: “I applied to GCSU, Mercer, Samford and Berry. I was accepted into all of them and was offered various scholarships for each.” -Avery Grillo

A: “I heard from Texas A&M Galveston about a month ago.” -Austin Zaharoff

A: “Only one school so far. I got my UGA acceptance letter a few weeks ago.” -Ethan Roland

I can’t wait to see where college takes us all in the game of life.”

— senior Jordan Bobbitt

Q: What are your top three choices, and why?

A: “University of South California, Emory and UGA. I want the full college experience in an interesting location, and each of these would provide that.” -Hollingsworth

A: “The schools that are the most appealing to me are NYU, Emory, and Johns Hopkins. These schools will be able to build an incredible foundation for me socially and academically. I really would love to pursue theatrical activities as well as medicinal practices and these schools offer the best of both worlds.” -Bobbitt

A: “MIT, Georgia Tech, and Carnegie Mellon. MIT because I want to go into Computer Science, and they’re the best. Also my girlfriend will likely go to Harvard, so the proximity is nice. Georgia Tech because it is a great Computer Science school, though not as good as MIT, and is close to home. The general plan is to go to Georgia Tech for year one and do my hardest to transfer into MIT for my second or third year to save money and give me time to build up my resume. Carnegie Mellon is third because even though its Computer Science school is just as good as MIT, it doesn’t have the location advantages that Tech or MIT do.” -Roland

Q: Are you planning on applying to any additional colleges?

A: “I’m done applying, and it’s between ‘Bama and Auburn for me.” -Powell

A: “Duke, Washington St. Louis, and maybe Cornell.” -Hollingsworth

A: “No, I am not planning on applying to any other schools.” -Mills

Q: What are you most excited about when it comes to college?

A: “I am beyond excited for college because I will finally be able to pursue my major interests daily. I have such a broad range of interests it can be really hard to balance it all in high school. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and going to new places.” -Bobbitt

A: “I’m most excited because I get to live away from home, basically support myself, and learn more self responsibility.” -Zaharoff

A: “I’m excited about actually learning about topics I’ve been curious about my entire life in addition to being closer to starting a career and making money.” -Roland

A: “I am most excited about college because it allows me to go out into the real world and make a difference. I plan on studying abroad and participating in international mission/service work in college.” -Powell

A: “I am most excited about meeting people from new places and learning about topics of my choice.” -Mills

Q: Is there anything about going off to college that worries you?

A: “I am most worried about making new friends and adjusting to a more independent lifestyle.” -Grillo

A: “I’m worried about being lost in the crowd and getting behind on work if I go to a highly competitive school.” -Hollingsworth

A: “I’m most worried that I won’t be able to handle extra curriculars and all the school work.” -Zaharoff

A: “I’m most worried about not getting into where I’d like to, losing touch with people I care about, and crushing student debt.” -Roland

Q: Any additional comments about your high school experience or what’s to come in the years ahead?

A: “Man, applications have to be the most lengthy process. My biggest regret is not taking the ACT sooner in my junior year. That would have relieved so much pressure off my back during my senior year if I had started that process earlier. I did, however, love the feeling of seeing that first acceptance letter. It reminds you that there is always more in the world than the pressure and stress we feel during school with finals, projects, and extracurricular activities.” -Bobbitt

A: “Even though my friends and I may be hours or even states away, I think I have found some people in high school that I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life.” -Grillo

A: “I’m gonna miss everyone at Starr’s Mill, and I’ll miss the Panther Pride at the school. College is a lot of unknowns, which is exciting and scary at the same time.” -Powell

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