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Episode 4

September 9, 2022


Marvel Studios

She-Hulk sets up her dating profile. Episode 4 focuses on Jennifer finding ways to use She-Hulk in her regular life.

Picking up after the Blonsky trial, Episode 4 focuses on how the fame of She-Hulk has influenced Jennifer’s regular life and how that fame gets her big-name clients.

One of those clients is Wong, who is trying to send a cease and desist letter to a former student named Donny Blaze. Blaze has been using his magical abilities irresponsibly and accidentally sends a woman named Madisynn to another realm. Due to the lack of a contract stating that Blaze cannot use his magic for his gain, it is a difficult case for Jennifer.

While she is coming up with a case as to why Blaze should not be allowed to use the mystic arts, Jennifer is also trying to find a date. In her human form, Jennifer is unsuccessful when looking for a partner, but as She-Hulk, she goes on several dates and ends up going home with a doctor after a successful first date.

Blaze, in an attempt to impress a crowd, summons creatures from a different realm, and he asks for Wong’s help in taking them back. While in the middle of her date, Wong enlists the help of Jennifer in the battle against the creatures. After the fight, Donny agrees to the terms of the cease and desist. 

The next morning, Jennifer’s date leaves after seeing her in her human form for the first time and she gets the news that Titania is suing her for copyright infringement over the She-Hulk name.

Compared to other episodes, Episode 4 seems to be a more standalone outing for the series. The only connection to the last episode is Jennifer’s father trying to boost security in her home after being attacked by the criminals in Episode 3’s final moments. This makes this episode feel like it takes place in a bubble, void from previous continuity.

This episode is a more character-focused one, displaying more of Jennifer’s character outside of work. The audience sees how wrapped up in her work she can be, and her unwillingness to leave her comfort zone. Wong also gets new light shined on him, as we see a more relaxed side to him.

A question that could be asked is what happened to Madisynn in the other realm? She says that while there she met a goat named Jake that she made a deal with which she could not speak on.

A few things to keep in mind for next week’s episode 

  • She-Hulk continues to get clients after the Blonsky trial
  • Jennifer is beginning to enjoy being in Hulk form
  • Titania is suing Jennifer over the She-Hulk name
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