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Episode 6

September 23, 2022

Jennifer confronts Titania at the wedding.This episode focuses on how Jennifer has to return to being only herself.

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Jennifer confronts Titania at the wedding.This episode focuses on how Jennifer has to return to being only herself.

With She-Hulk’s fame continuing to grow, Episode 6 focuses on how Jennifer has to return to the balance she once had.

After being invited to the wedding of her high school friend, Jennifer is told that it is preferred if she stays in her human form to avoid taking attention from the bride. While there, Jennifer also runs into another issue who was invited: Titania. 

Jennifer does not have a good time at the wedding since she has to help wash clothes, pick up glasses, and do other pre-wedding duties. There is a silver lining – she hits it off with a friend of the groom, Josh.

Jennifer is finally having fun at the wedding after meeting Josh. Titania is ready for a fight, however, and attacks Jennifer when she is off-guard. Jennifer has to break her promise and turns into her She-Hulk form and begins to fight back. 

After losing the fight, Titania has a meltdown and leaves the wedding. The wedding guests praise Jennifer for defeating Titania, and she leaves with Josh to go on a date.

A big part of this episode is the inclusion of another super-powered person, Mister Immortal. The B-plot of this episode focuses on Immortal’s inability to respond to conflict and how he removes himself from it. He does this by using his powers to fake his death. 

This creates a problem for him when his previous partners come to take what they deserve. This character shows that more people have powers than before and some just use them to avoid inconvenience in their daily lives.

 The end of this episode focuses on Intelligencia. Fronting as a social media platform, Intelligencia is seen creating a serum from Jennifer’s blood that was stolen in the scene that ended Episode 3. The question is what do they plan to do with it?

To wrap up this week’s episode, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • More than just heroes have powers
  • Intelligencia is plotting against Jennifer
  • Jennifer is getting more comfortable as She-Hulk
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