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Episode 9

October 14, 2022


Marvel Studios

Jennifer pitches a better way for her show to end. This episode focuses on Jennifer’s struggles while also trying to give a good conclusion to the season.

Serving as the season finale, Episode 9 focuses on Jennifer’s struggles and how she fights back against them.

After the last episode’s cliffhanger, Jennifer’s life is falling apart. She lost her job, was forced out of her apartment, and is followed by the news everywhere she goes. Jennifer has to move back in with her parents, and she is hyper-focused on finding everything she can on Intelligenicia. However, when her life seems to be too overwhelming for her, she escapes to Blonsky’s retreat.

Nikki decides to help in the search, by posting an embarrassing video of Jennifer on Intelligencia, which leads her to a meeting for the members of the website. In that meeting, it is revealed that Todd, a former date and client of She-Hulk, is the creator of Intelligencia and created the serum from her blood.

While the attendees of the meeting are getting excited by Blonsky speaking in his Abomination form, Jennifer walks into the meeting and sees Todd injecting himself with the serum only to become a new Hulk. Out of nowhere, Titania and Bruce appear and join the fight against Todd and Blonsky. Jennifer, just as confused as the audience, pauses the episode and breaks into the real world.

Once in the real world, she chastises the team behind her show for the unoriginal and messy finale. Jennifer is told by the team that every story in the MCU is carefully crafted by an AI named K.E.V.I.N., and if she has a problem, she must talk to it.

After a long and difficult conversation with the A.I., Jennifer convinces a reluctant K.E.V.I.N. to rewrite her finale to give her closure. When she gets back her show, Todd is put in custody, Blonsky is detained for breaking his parole, and Daredevil arrives, missing out on everything that just happened.

The season closes out with Jennifer taking Matt to meet her family. After Matt hits it off with the family, Bruce shows up and introduces everyone to his son, Skaar.

This episode gives a conclusion to Jennifer’s character arc throughout the season. Throughout the show, Jennifer struggles with what She-Hulk can do in and out of the courtroom. The last scene of the episode has her finally figure out that balance – She-Hulk can help people with legal counsel and as a hero.

A big part of this episode is the breaking of the fourth wall. With an opening reminiscent of the 1978 Hulk show, comments about an annoying narrator, and the entire K.E.V.I.N. sequence, this episode shows a self-aware side that is accurate to the character of She-Hulk.

To wrap up this season, here are some things to keep in mind for upcoming projects:

  • Jennifer is both a superhero and a superhero lawyer
  • Hulk has a son
  • Matt is returning to Hell’s Kitchen after this adventure in Los Angeles
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