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October 20, 2022

High school here is great but a lot different from Denmark. Back home, I usually have my classes with the same people in the same classroom except for science and PE. There are about 450 students in my high school in Denmark, so Starr’s Mill is pretty big and I see new people all the time. 

My first day of school was a little bit confusing when I had to find my way around. I could not find my classes without constantly looking on a map. I had never experienced “the pledge” before, which was different but cool. 

I feel like most students are helpful and friendly. I feel like I am getting to meet and talk to a lot of new people, but honestly it is difficult to remember everyone’s names. This has helped me to feel welcome even though I come into their lives as “the new girl.”  

It was also different calling my teachers Mr. and Ms./Mrs., because I usually call them by their first name in Denmark. 

I really like all my teachers. They are all supportive and understanding, because I go to school in my second language and not Danish. I do feel like my English has improved since I got here and it is easier to follow along in my classes besides the southern accents. 

I like that I do get time in class to do the assignments that I have to turn in. In Denmark, I usually have to do my assignments at home. I take a lot of electives, because I do not get academic credits for being here, so I do not get tons of homework, which is really great.

Another thing is the restroom pass rule. If I have to use the restroom here I have to get a pass, which I fully understand. Most teachers just let me go in Denmark. 

The yellow American school bus is quite iconic, so I was very excited to ride it the first time. It was cool, but hot and jumpy. 

Tests. Wow. American teachers like to give tests. Let me just leave it like that. 

I really like that sports are a part of school here. The people of one’s team will be at the school, which makes it easier to know people around. Sports are separated from schools in Denmark although we do have a class where we do different kinds of sports. 

Besides all the differences I do really like being here. I feel like I am starting to get a routine and a feeling of American high school.

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