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Cecily Shaber

Junior Katie Rausch advanced out of the county level GHP interviews in physics. Rausch credits her previous science and English teachers, as well as current physics teacher Nicholas Gillies, for her success.

Katie Rausch

Junior Katie Rausch will represent Starr’s Mill in physics.

“Right now I’m in AP Physics 1 and AP Chemistry, and last year I took Gifted Chemistry, as well,” Rausch said.

Rausch credits all of her teachers, including English teachers who developed her writing proficiency, previous science teachers, and her current physics teacher Nicholas Gillies with helping hone her know-how with science.

“Definitely physics,” Rausch said. “Definitely Mr. Gillies introducing me to physics and sort of encouraging me.”

Considering majors, Raush mentioned both nuclear engineering or chemical engineering as potential options, both of which rest upon a foundation of physics.

As a sophomore, Raush was nominated for GHP in social studies, and got to the state application level. Also, Rausch is part of the Science National Honor Society, and has had success in the science fair program.

“My freshman year, my partner and I placed at the Fayette County Science Fair,” Rausch said. “[Our project] was on thermodynamic properties of various insulating fabrics, which is basically just saying which clothing material insulates the best.”

Outside the realm of physics and other sciences, Rausch enjoys playing sports, including water polo, swim, and golf. She also likes to bake and write in her free time.

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