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Cecily Shaber

Junior Rush Maples advanced out of the county level GHP interviews in mathematics. Maples credits his teachers and his father, who is an engineer, for his success.

Rush Maples

Junior Rush Maples will represent Starr’s Mill in mathematics.

“I’ve taken Accelerated Geometry/ Algebra II and then AP Statistics and Accelerated Precalculus,” Maples said.

Maples credits not only his teachers for his success, but also his father, who is willing to share his expertise.

“My father, he’s an engineer, and if I ever need help with anything he can help me out,” Maples said.

As an underclassman, Maples was enrolled in rigorous math courses. This year continues the trend, and he was nominated by J.B. Campbell, who teaches Accelerated Precalculus. Maples also holds other honors in mathematics.

“I’ve gone to math team [events],” Maples said. “So I got second place at Math Day at West Georgia last March.”

When he is not busy cranking out math problems, Maples likes playing the guitar and working out.

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