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Episode 3: The Convert

March 17, 2023



Dr. Pershing sits with the robot to discuss whether he is continuing to like the amnesty program or not. This episode focuses on Dr. Pershing and his new job in the amnesty program with the New Republic.

Episode 3 begins with Bo-Katan staring at the depths of the Living Waters in shock. In the previous episode, it was revealed that a living Mythosaur lies at the bottom of the mine. Din and Bo-Katan leave the planet when Din awakes after almost drowning in the water.

After leaving the planet, Din and Bo-Katan are surrounded by Imperial Remnants in Tie Interceptors. They lead the squadron of Interceptors back to Bo-Katan’s planet on Kalevala, and Bo-Katan drops Din to his ship mid-air so Din can assist Bo-Katan on taking down the Interceptors in his N-1 Starfighter.

They are able to take out the first phase of Interceptors until another squad arrives and destroys Bo-Katan’s home. Immediately, Bo-Katan is enraged, wanting to risk everything and take down the rest of the Interceptors that show up. Din persuades Bo-Katan into letting go of what had happened. Din and Bo-Katan leave the planet and head where the Imperial Remnant would never find them. 

The scene then transitions to Coruscant, where the episode features Dr. Pershing for most of the episode. Dr. Pershing is a brilliant scientist who developed cloning technologies and completed science experiments on Grogu in past seasons. Dr. Pershing now works on cataloging data cards with the New Republic.

Mandalorians used to ride and tame these Mythosaur creatures.

Later, Dr. Pershing reunites with Elia Kane, a former worker for Moff Gideon. Elia is another survivor of Moff Gideon’s previous republic, and she now lies within the New Republic doubtfully. 

At the end of the episode, Din and Bo-Katan are redeemed for their sins because they both were bathed in the Mandalorian waters. 

Three main points from this episode: 

Bo-Katan sees the living Mythosaur

After coming into contact with the Mythosaur, Bo-Katan realizes that it could be the last Mythosaur alive. These creatures have been around for centuries. 

Back in ancient Mandalorian times, Mandalorians used to ride and tame these Mythosaur creatures. Nevertheless, it was believed that these Mythosaur creatures became extinct long before the purge on Mandalore occurred.

Din and Bo-Katan leave the planet and head where the Imperial Remnant would never find them.

The last time the Mythosaur was mentioned was in Season 1, Episode 1, when Kuiil mentions to Din Djarin that his ancestors used to ride the Mythosaurs.

Dr. Pershing’s adventure

Throughout the episode, Dr. Pershing and Elia Kane take an adventure to an abandoned Imperial ship to steal the mobile lab station that was soon to be scrapped by the New Republic. As they steal the cloning supplies from the lab, they come across the authorities. 

When they were caught, Elia turned to the authorities side, blaming Dr. Pershing. Dr. Pershing wakes up in a lab where the mind-flayer is being used on his brain. As one of the doctors leaves the room, Elia cranks up the intensity on the mind flayer, practically destroying Dr. Pershing’s brain. 

Din Djarin and Bo-Katan redeemed

Din and Bo-Katan return to the planet Arvala-7 where the Armorer and other Mandalorians now stay. Din returns with the good news that he had completed his mission since he bathed himself in the Living Waters of Mandalore. His proof of redemption was the small funnel of water he collected before he left. 

Dr. Pershing wakes up in a lab where the mind-flayer is being used on his brain.

Alongside Din was Bo-Katan, mentioning that she was a witness of his redemption and that she went to get him in the water. This made the Armorer realize that Bo-Katan had also bathed herself in the waters. 

Now that both Din and Bo-Katan are redeemed, the big question is: Will Bo-Katan stay with the creed and fight alongside other Mandalorians to get her revenge on the Imperial Remnant that destroyed her home? Since Bo-Katan and Din have more allies, they stand a chance against the Imperial Remnant. 

Topics to think about for next week’s episode:

  • Will Bo-Katan keep her helmet on and if she will fight alongside the creed? 
  • What is going to happen with Dr. Pershing?
  • Why did Elia Kane betray Dr. Pershing?
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