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Episode 4: The Foundling

March 24, 2023



Kelleran Beq accompanies Grogu to a ship in order to help him avoid Executive Order 66. This scene is important because it shows how the Jedi are dedicated to keeping Grogu safe and the way of the Jedi alive.

Last week’s episode was different from the episodes we have previously seen. It did not follow any of the main characters, and instead followed the story of a former Imperial scientist Dr. Pershing seen in previous seasons.

Episode 4 starts out right after Bo-Katan and Mando leave Kalevala in the wake of storm troopers. They travel back to where the other Mandalorians are living. The first part of the episode is more focused on Grogu’s and other foundlings’ training. 

Din Djarin focuses on Grogu becoming a true Mandalorian foundling. Grogu spars against a boy named Ragnar who was more equipped in using Mandalorian weapons and was not afraid to show it when he went against the much smaller child. Grogu eventually had to use some of his Jedi training to win. 

Later in the episode, the Armorer forges Grogu a Mandalorian chest piece and tells him about the Mandalorian way. The sounds of the metal being hit triggers memories from Grogu’s past. At the end of the flashback Grogu receives a round Beskar chest piece after already having the Mithril shirt made of Beskar.

The three main points from this episode: 

With the help of the Naboo Royal Security, they are able to escape the planet.

— Editor Katie Johnson


In the flashback, Grogu is being defended by the Jedi during the purge on the Jedi temple on Coruscant and the person who saved him in the end. Turns out it was Master Kelleran Beq who rescued him. With the help of the Naboo Royal Security, they are able to escape the planet.

The flashback was epic and definitely left me wanting more while having so many questions. This flashback is the key to Grogu understanding who he is and what he wants to be in the future. 

I have a feeling we will be seeing more Kelleran Beq this season and other seasons to come.

Saving Ragnar 

Ragnar was the young Mandalorian child that had trained with and sparred against Grogu. 

Ragnar was captured by a dinosaur-like creature. It was later said that he was just one of the children they had been losing. Din, Paz Vizsla, and other Manadalorians take to the sky and chase the creature.

When they return back to the other Mandalorians, they bring back with them three more foundlings to train.

— Editor Katie Johnson

The party who went to save Ragnar was led by Bo-Katan herself. They make camp for the night near the nest and plan to climb it the next day. Despite her strong leadership and strong initiative, Bo-Katan could be considered another “foundling” of the group, since she has forgotten the traditions of old.

When they reach the nest, Ragnar is nowhere to be seen. His father Paz Vizsla had rushed in too soon and was about to be eaten by the creature’s three babies. 

The pursuit ends with Ragnar being saved, while the creature ends up being eaten by a creature that looks similar to the mythosaur. When they return back to the other Mandalorians, they bring back with them three more foundlings to train.

Purpose for Grogu

 Grogu comes from the Jedi, yet when he trained with Luke Skywalker in the way of the Jedi, he refused. Early in the episode it is revealed that he retained some of the knowledge. In the training scene he applies his retained knowledge with his current training in the way of the Mandalorian. 

Soon he will have to establish a true path for himself.

— Editor Katie Johnson

I believe Grogu is going to be instrumental in helping create a better relationship with the reestablishment of the Jedi. As Grogu grows so will his knowledge of the Force and the Mandalorian ways. Soon he will have to establish a true path for himself. 

Grogu is a developing character to watch. He may be young, but he has enormous potential. 

Things to think about for next week: 

  • Are Mandalorian myths real after all Bo-Katan has told the Armorer about the mythosaur she saw and the creature that looked similar to the mythosaur?
  • Grogu is having more flashbacks, so his memory might be returning.
  • Grogu training in the ways of Mandalore has started, and we should expect to see more tactics and occurrences of him using the Force.
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