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Shelby Foster

Student stands in front of the vending machine holding a “healthy” option of popcorn and “healthier” version of cheetos. The problem with the failed diets and regimens are actually the carbohydrates and everything they do to the body.

Rethinking the regimen, Part one

Carbs cause chaos

October 1, 2018

The evidence is irrefutable. The United States is statistically the most overweight country in the world. In the face of this mounting evidence, we’ve been told that we simply need to exercise more and eat less. We’ve been taught the “food pyramid” and “calories in vs. calories out.” I would ask you, how is that approach working for us collectively?

80% of dieters regain every pound they lost with the majority of them getting back even more than they lost.”

— Staff Writer Ryan Allen

Time after time we begin our latest diet with the best of intentions. This one is going to work! It “sounds” right. Yet when the latest effort fails, we don’t think to question the diet. No, we turn around and berate ourselves for not having sufficient willpower or not enough self-discipline.

A recent study reports that 80% of dieters regain every pound they lost with the majority of them getting back even more than they lost. Does this sound like success to you? This doesn’t even take into account the people who didn’t lose weight to begin with. Why should you or I be dependent on someone else’s goods and services to give the temporary illusion of success? Again does this sound like a successful approach?

The problem starts with carbohydrates. When we eat all the various forms of carbohydrate (grains, starches, fruits, vegetables and all forms of sugar) a complex process begins. This has been labeled the metabolic process. These various forms of carbohydrates are converted by the body into one of these forms of sugar, specifically glucose. Different forms of carbohydrates have varying impacts on our blood sugar level.

Your body utilizes these carbohydrates and makes glucose. This of course causes a rise in your blood sugar levels. These particular cells have a very limited capacity to use and store sugar.

We eat sugar and other carbohydrates regularly as a normal part of our diet just as we have been instructed. How many times have you been told to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and make sure you get lots of healthy whole grains? As a result more glucose (blood sugar) can be stored in your growth tissue and it builds up in your bloodstream.

Your body is producing more more insulin because you’re constantly eating various forms of sugars, starches, and grains. The insulin receptors cells become increasingly tolerant to insulin. These cells become less receptive and insulin signals are lost. This causes your body to produce even more insulin in an unsuccessful attempt to lower your blood sugar level. This can lead to insulin resistance which could cause Type-2 Diabetes.

As long as you’re eating some form of carbohydrates, it makes it more difficult to burn fat.”

— Staff Writer Ryan Allen

When your body becomes insulin resistant, it makes it near impossible to burn what’s in your fat storages. This is why most people who go on these “diets” can never lose fat, because their body won’t let them. As long as you’re eating some form of carbohydrates, it makes it more difficult to burn fat.

Fibrous carbohydrates are the only carbs that have very little impact on a sugar levels. Fibrous carbohydrates are also known as cruciferous vegetables. We eat these types of carbs for dietary fiber and vitamins that are only found in greens.

This could be important information for the future that way, people won’t spend a fortune on diet plans and gym memberships. The root problem can be solved by just watching the carbs that you eat and using fats as your energy source.

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