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May 8, 2023

Every day obesity becomes a greater problem in America. Editor Drew McCarthy and Staff Writer Ashton Lewandowski discuss the best solution to lose weight and overcome this problem.

Exercise, the most efficient way to shed weight

Obesity is a medically dangerous state for an individual to be in. It is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy weight as being obese comes with a great amount of side effects and health risks. The absolute best way to lose weight if you are obese is to exercise.

Utilizing what causes a calorie deficit is how you lose weight.

— Editor Drew McCarthy

Meaningful and effortful physical activity, which can take many different forms, has an important faculty that facilitates weight loss. It is actually quite simple. Utilizing what causes a calorie deficit is how you lose weight.

A calorie deficit is defined as the process that occurs when you consume fewer calories than the amount required to fuel your body’s essential functions and daily activities. When in a calorie deficit, your body will break down fat to get the extra energy it needs, decreasing your weight.

It is truly as simple as burning more calories than you consume. While having a healthy diet is extremely important it will not have the desired effect of weight loss. There are some definite benefits of a healthy diet like a decreased rate at which you gain fat and a much easier time exercising due to increased energy levels, but there is no true weight eliminating food.

While exercising is extremely important in losing fat, it can also become dangerous. Exercising is extremely efficient in burning fat but over exercising causes the body to burn muscle instead of fat which, needless to say, is very very bad. 

Exercising also replaces your fat with muscle which can also be extremely helpful. Replacing the fat with a healthier type of weight also lightens your load literally. It is much easier to carry 100 pounds of muscle than 100 pounds of fat. 

While gaining muscle and losing fat are both very good, it is also important to maintain a healthy body fat percentage. This varies between genders, but is vital in determining overall health. It is an important factor because a person with a lot of weight in muscle could be considered overweight when in reality they are perfectly healthy. 

Knowing the percentage of fat your body has can help appropriately categorize you as obese or not. This is noteworthy because one who has a healthy body fat percentage but considered overweight is not actually unhealthy and that is the real problem, losing weight in fat to become healthy.

The idea of losing weight is extremely simple and anyone can do it. If you or an acquaintance is affected by obesity, I recommend exercising and keeping a healthy diet but exercising is the most important overall.

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Unhealthy eating habits to blame for obesity

Obesity is an ever-increasing concern Americans and the rest of the world’s population is facing. Bad eating habits mixed with toxic food is what is fueling the expanding obesity rate. In order to “fix” obesity, Americans must first fix their unhealthy eating habits.

The best way to lose weight is to never have it to begin with.

— Staff Writer Ashton Lewandowski

The best way to lose weight is to never have it to begin with. Smart eating choices such as temporary fasting and healthy meals can prevent excess weight build up in the body. There are numerous ways to help make these smart decisions.

Instead of going in for a second brownie, try to sip on a glass of water. Water is an excellent solution to solve hunger as it takes up space in the stomach making a person feel full. Because of this, drinking water before a meal causes people to eat less.

It is important that it is water that is being consumed as well. Soda and other alternatives to water carry with it health risks. Water also happens to be one of the most accessible resources in America.

Water also reduces fatigue and increases energy, which are issues that plague many. Drinking sugary drinks has been found to increase fatigue and the feeling of brain fogginess among other negative health consequences. Drinking water not only prevents the ill effects of soda but also counteracts them.

Another way to prevent obesity is to have mandated or scheduled times that allow for the consumption of food. Limiting meals to two or three thirty minute or less periods will not only restrict the capability of food intake but will also assist daily routines. 

Being limited to only eating during certain meal times will also force the body to adhere to a cycle of food consumption and breakdown which, if adhered to, the body will adjust to. If the body is not forced to adapt to new food routines and instead sticks with a single familiar routine, it will adapt and become efficient at that particular routine, increasing health benefits.

The food that is being consumed also plays a role in health. The greatest indicator with regards to what should be eaten and what should not be eaten lies on the back of the box: the nutrition label. If something contains over 30% of the daily limit of anything per serving it is probably best to avoid, especially so for sugar. Sugar is linked to obesity and is eight times more addictive than crack cocaine.

Making smart choices about if to eat, when to eat it, and what to eat will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Obesity rates are doomed to decrease when people adhere to their own nutritional rules.

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