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Books vs. Movies
Books and movies are some of the most popular sources of entertainment. Staff Writers Clio Long and Ella Bissonnette share their thoughts on which is better.
Books and movies are some of the most popular sources of entertainment. Staff Writers Clio Long and Ella Bissonnette share their thoughts on which is better.
Ella Bissonnette
Books are the more interactive and emotional option

Books are more engaging than movies ever will be. Most movies are based on them because of how well the story was written. Novels have always come first, and they should. 

Novels have always come first, and they should.”

— Staff Writer Clio Long

When reading books, you can make up your own world. You are not restricted to imagining the characters with specific features or seeing the setting a certain way when watching a movie. You can make the factors of the story just how you like it.

Movies also do not spend enough time providing details. You are lucky if you see a few minutes of an important object or character. Books do just that and more.

Not to mention but they require your mind to read. From this, you can pick up a higher vocabulary and improve your literacy. Watching movies and paying attention to electronic screens for periods of time can even give you a temporary disorder called digital eye strain. 

This syndrome includes symptoms of dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, or neck and shoulder pain.

Books can also be more emotional. A simple sentence can make you cry, laugh, or stress. There is an emotional factor that a novel gives off that a movie could never. 

They can change the entire plot in one sentence and can make a reader change emotions with one word.”

— Staff Writer Clio Long

They are more interactive. Many people annotate their reads and leave their remarks on anything printed. You can also take your time when reading. Movies may seem more appealing because they are faster, but it is enjoyable to many people to be able to absorb the interesting details that the story withholds.

Furthermore, books require much less work. One movie takes a whole set. They need more work staff. They need props. They need scripts and actors. Meanwhile, the author only needs a computer. How simple is that? 

Though the creation of a book does not give off as many job opportunities, that means that there is less stress, more room to relax, and less money to give out. Novels still open job opportunities, just not as many, which is bittersweet.

Movies also require subscriptions and monthly payments. It is unnecessary to have to buy a whole subscription if you want to watch one movie. There is much less money spent on renting or buying. Books can be free. Local libraries are all around us. All you need to be eligible to check novels out is your library card. 

Books leave movies in the dust. They can change the entire plot in one sentence and can make a reader change emotions with one word. Movies will never compare to the astonishing effects that novels give to readers.

Choose the fun and exhilarating experience with movies

Movies have been bringing pride and happiness to America for decades. Movies open up jobs, creativity, and fun. They take the definition of entertaining to the next level. 

Books might start it but movies finish it.”

— Staff Writer Ella Bissonnette

Films can make you feel something that books cannot do in a short amount of time. They can make you cry, laugh, and smile. Although books can sometimes have that effect, you do not see that a lot. 

When was the last time you cried or laughed while reading a book? Probably not recently. But the dog movies and classics? You would have to be heartless if you did not cry.

Movies are so much quicker. Films can accomplish what a book takes months to do in only 90 minutes, and they even do it better. Why waste your time when you can hit two birds with one stone?

Books require too much effort and brain power. With movies you can just kick back, relax, and give your brain a break. You do not have to worry about missing a page and the whole story has changed.

Movies also open up jobs. They create a safe place for young and old actors to showcase their talents to the world. Films create a whole new field for skill and fun. They help the world as a whole. Movies can have a blockbuster hit and raise billions for the economy, small businesses, and movie theaters.

They take the definition of entertaining to the next level.”

— Staff Writer Ella Bissonnette

Films also help books way more than the other way around. Books might start it but movies finish it. Movies usually get the book’s name out there.

You could say books provide more detail, and you are right, they do. But they provide unnecessary detail. You could go a whole chapter describing a door. For the record, books are not always better than the movies. 

With a motion picture, you can make a great night out of it. You could buy popcorn, candy, drinks, and cozy up on the coach with your friends. With a book…you just sit down and read. Which sounds more fun?

Movies bring books into reality. Science proves you always get better the second time around. Movies come after books, making movies updated and more fun. Make the superior choice and choose watching the movie instead of reading the book.

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