The Prowler


Will a print version of The Prowler return to Starr’s Mill?

Simple answer: no.  There has been a global decline of print newspapers who have given way to the clear advantages of being online.  With the digital platform, The Prowler can report news in a more timely fashion, infuse multimedia (video interviews, podcasts, etc.), broaden its readership through social media, and produce more content.

Why isn’t my comment showing up on the story?

It is either still waiting on approval or has been denied. Comments must be approved by adviser before they are published, which results in a short turnaround time before comments can be seen. If it was denied, it did not meet the criteria specified in our comment policy.

I have an idea for a story or an event I would like covered. How do I be sure it is written about?

Email adviser Justin Spencer at [email protected], The Prowler staff at [email protected], or submit a story idea here. The Prowler welcomes story ideas, and while it is not guaranteed that suggested stories will be written, we will certainly take them into consideration and suggest them in story meetings.

How do I get involved with The Prowler?

Talk to Justin Spencer in room 703. Applications for the following year’s staff go out after Special Programs Night in early January and are typically due in mid to late February.

Guest columns, photo essays, stories, and videos are encouraged. The Prowler reserves the right to refuse to publish any submissions, but they will be seriously considered under the direction and guidance of the adviser.

Who decides what content goes on the site?

The Prowler is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  However, the identities of some contributors may be protected under the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act.  In addition, some identifying information in photographs may be omitted in accordance with the Fayette County Board of Education internet publishing guidelines.

What if I have an issue with something that was put up on the site?

The Prowler is a student-run online newspaper, and as high school students, mistakes may still be made. If you have a problem with something on the site, whether there is a mistake, you are offended by the content, or there’s more to the story, please either leave a comment with a name and email, visit The Prowler in room 703, or email Editor-in-Chief Rilee Stapleton or Blythe Terry ([email protected]) or adviser Justin Spencer ([email protected]).