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Olivia Rodrigo’s new song “deja vu” goes through the story of a girl whose ex-boyfriend does the same things with his new girlfriend as he did with her. This song is highly different from her previous hit “driver’s license,” but they both deliver the same message: breakups hurt.

Quick Hit with Charlie Goins

Charlie Goins, Staff Writer
April 15, 2021
Album cover for “Rock & Roll” by The Velvet Underground. Highlighting the impact of rock and roll music on people and musicians in the ‘60s, “Rock & Roll”’s fuzzy vocals and blurry guitar contribute to The Velvet Underground’s classic sound as well as the summer vibe of the song.

Quick Hit with Joslyn Weber

Joslyn Weber, Staff Writer
April 1, 2021
Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak created their own song together called “Leave The Door Open.” It is up-beat and funky, making it perfect for summer-like vibes. The song comes after a five-year hiatus for Mars.

Quick Hit with Allyssa Daigle

Allyssa Daigle, Staff Writer
March 12, 2021
Christian Leave is a musician and YouTuber who rose to fame through the social media platform Vine in 2014. One of his latest releases, “Darling,” is an upbeat song that’s easy to get lost in.

Quick Hit with Kaitlyn Doyle

Kaitlyn Doyle, Staff Writer
March 4, 2021
Eyedress is an indie band with a varied discography. The most popular albums being “Let’s Skip to the Wedding” and “Manila Ice.” The varied tone of Eyedress is unique to most genres.

Quick Hit with Abi Carter

Abi Carter, Features Editor
February 12, 2021
“Can’t Wait to Be Dead” is a catchy song with a deeper meaning about social media. The song was released in 2020 and is a cool mix of the rock and folk genres.

Quick Hit with Kaitlyn Doyle

Kaitlyn Doyle, Staff Writer
February 4, 2021
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