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Robin Huggins received the Golden Apple Award from Farmers Insurance for the second time in her teaching career. She prioritizes a connection with her students and the engagement of her classes through collaboration.

Golden Apple – Robin Huggins

Abi Carter, Features Editor
March 25, 2021
This month’s winner of the Farmers Insurance Golden Apple Award is Ashley Collins. She was nominated by fellow teacher Emily Sweeney for her ability to create relationships with her students and make them feel at home.

Golden Apple – Ashley Collins

Abi Carter, Features Editor
March 4, 2021
Timothy Monihan poses with this month’s Golden Apple award winner, math teacher and girls basketball coach Emily Sweeney. The standout factor to Sweeney’s teaching is how she goes about her interactions with students.

Golden Apple – Emily Sweeney

Emily Davis, Editor-in-Chief
January 28, 2021
Golden Apple - Julie Spencer

Golden Apple – Julie Spencer

Allyssa Daigle, Staff Writer
November 26, 2020
Golden Apple - Diane Ruane

Golden Apple – Diane Ruane

Emily Hawkins, Staff Writer
September 24, 2020
Golden Apple - August 2020

Golden Apple – August 2020

Mary Jane Gagliano, Editor-in-Chief
September 10, 2020
Chase Penland (right) is the Golden Apple recipient for May. He shows compassion and is a positive influence for students. Ashley Collins, who received the award in April, chose Penland because of these qualities.

Golden Apple – May 2020

Abi Carter, Staff Writer
June 25, 2020
Ashley Collins has been recognized as April’s Golden Apple recipient. The Golden Apple award acknowledges a teacher once a month for their compassion and positive characteristics. Collins was selected by the previous recipient Antonela Brkic.

Golden Apple – April 2020

Simone Bates, Staff Writer
April 23, 2020
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