The Prowler

Senior Bryson Daniel is listening to “Jesus and Wranglers,” a song off of Riley Green’s new album, “If It Wasn’t for Trucks.”

Panther Tracks

October 25, 2020

Senior Bryson Daniel is currently listening to “Jesus and Wranglers” by Riley Green.  “It gives an overall good vibe of what country music should be,” Daniel said. “Jesus and Wranglers” ...

Nick Rattingan, also known as Current Joys, produced the song “A Different Age.” Nostalgic and raw, this song is a masterpiece of the ages.

Quick Hit with Abi Carter

October 22, 2020

Stop pretending to do your schoolwork, and click on your favorite music platform right now. “A Different Age” is calling your name.   In movies, there is almost always a catchy background song to create mood.  If you...

The song “Deadroses” is the perfect song for life’s darker moments, including breakups. Blackbear is best known for his alternative style of music and is now best known for “Hot Girl Bummer.”

Quick Hit with Alex McPeak

October 17, 2020

Now that the homecoming week fun and stress is over, sit down and go stream “Deadroses.”  “Deadroses,” performed by Blackbear, is about a relationship...

Junior Spencer Jerome is listening to “The Fine Prints” by The Stupendium. It has a funky beat while addressing real-world topics like capitalism and its influence on our lives.

Panther Tracks

October 12, 2020

Junior Spencer Jerome is currently listening to “The Fine Print“ by The Stupendium. “The entire song is basically a premise on capitalism,” Jerome said. The Stupendium’s ...

Quick Hit with Joslyn Weber

The album cover for Autumn Boy’s debut single. “Let Down” was released near the end of September and carries a grungy vibe.

Joslyn Weber, Staff Writer

October 10, 2020

Drop your weekend plans and listen to the song “Let Down” by Autumn Boy right now. Released Sept. 15 of this year, “Let Down” is Autumn Boy’s...

Victoria Legrand, lead vocalist and keyboardist of Beach House, performs during a live concert. Some of her influences are Gene Clark, Neil Young, The Cure, and Cocteau Twins.

Quick Hit with Charlie Goins

October 9, 2020

Stop checking Schoology or InfiniteCampus for your grades. Instead, go to your favorite music streaming app and listen to “Take Care” by Beach Hou...

Stand Atlantic, the Australian based pop-punk band, redefined the sound of pop-punk with their new album, “Pink Elephant.” Female-led bands deserve more recognition in the music industry, more specifically in the alternative and rock scene. The work of these talented females is typically drowned out due to the clear sexism that is prevalent in the music industry.

Empowering females in the rock scene

October 1, 2020

Rock is a genre with infinite subgenres, all with varying stereotypes surrounding the overall sound. Most stereotypes lead people to believe that simply b...

Album cover for “A Letter To My Younger Self” that was released in early July. The album, Mikael Temrowski’s third, released only a year and a half after “From Michigan with Love.”

Quick Hit with Kathleen Stephens

September 23, 2020

Stop watching Tik-Tok, go to your favorite music streaming app, and listen to “Second Time Around” right now.  Performed by artist Quinn XCII, the song is ...

Freshman Jaden Powell’s current favorite song is “Conversations” by Juice WRLD. The song is the second track on the album “Legends Never Die,” which was the last album Juice WORLD worked on before his death.

Panther Tracks

September 22, 2020

When asked what his current favorite song was, freshman Jaden Powell immediately mentioned “Conversations” by Juice WRLD. “It has a really good beat,” Powell said. “Juice WRLD just died, so it’s his new album that...