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Welcome to “Cheers and Jeers,” a section of The Prowler where staff members share what really grinds their gears. Here you will find unprecedented opinions, served hot and fresh every two weeks.


Cheers to 27 days of school left for the class of 2021. Graduation is quickly approaching, along with the anxieties of college and general real-life responsibilities. Here’s to student debt!

Cheers to 27 days of school left for the class of 2021.”

Cheers to the victors of March Madness. The Baylor men’s team and Stanford women’s team took home the trophies. Sophomore Tate Colson won The Prowler Bracket Challenge.

Cheers to senior Colton Olvey who recently dropped 18 seconds off of his 3200-meter run. Olvey’s new record is 9 minutes and 38 seconds, now the third-fastest time in school history, and moves him to second overall in AAAAA. Great job, Colton!

Cheers to all of the new music released in the last week! Twenty One Pilots released their new single “Shy Away” and announced a new album set to release May 21. Also in new music, Taylor Swift released her version of her second studio album, “Fearless,” on April 9.

Cheers to American cheese. It is a classic, perfect for sandwiches and cheeseburgers alike. You can never go wrong with some good ol’ American cheese.

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Jeers to Yahoo Answers shutting down after 16 years. The website presented helpful answers for everyday questions while also contributing a sense of comedic relief with some ludicrous questions and answers.

Jeers to the Georgia Milestones next week.”

Jeers to the removal of the vending machine on the 700 hallway. Where else am I supposed to go to get a granola bar in the middle of seventh period?

Jeers to Alec Bohm of the Philadelphia Phillies who never touched the plate. The controversial botched call gave the Phillies a 7-6 win over the Braves, while also helping Philadelphia win the series. 

Jeers to the Georgia Milestones next week. Standardized testing in general is no fun, especially when it only accounts for 0.01% of each student’s semester grade.

Jeers to Derek Chauvin, the ex-police officer who is currently on trial for the death of George Floyd last summer. Speculation still remains as to whether Chauvin was aware of what he was doing, despite the fact that he kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds.

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