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Welcome to “Cheers and Jeers,” a section of The Prowler where staff members share what really grinds their gears. Here you will find unprecedented opinions, served hot and fresh every two weeks.


Cheers to the school year coming to an end. Our seniors only have eight days of school left, everyone else has 13 days. Make the most of these last few weeks!

Cheers to the track and field, girls lacrosse, and baseball teams. They are the only sports teams still playing this late in the season. #SMPantherPride!

Cheers to graduation taking place on May 28. Graduation will start at 7 p.m. in Panther Stadium.

Cheers to tea. There are so many different tea leaves you can use, each with different medicinal purposes and benefits. My personal favorite tea right now is chai tea, specifically iced chai tea. 

Cheers to graduation taking place on May 28. Seniors have been waiting years for this momentous event, and the time is finally here. Graduation will start at 7 p.m. in Panther Stadium. The event will be live-streamed for those who will not be able to attend.

Cheers to sea horses. Not only are they cute creatures, but did you know that they can get married? Sea horses are, ironically, very poor swimmers. They often rely on a partner they “marry” to stay safe while swimming.

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Jeers to long names. Do not get me wrong, long names are incredibly beautiful and tend to have sentimental meaning. The issue here is my dyslexia. All of those letters cause my brain to short-circuit.

Jeers to people with poor hygiene. Please, do everybody a favor and try to shower as often as you can. I am tired of walking into classrooms that smell like a locker room (unless I’m actually in the locker room). 

Jeers to the school-issued Chromebooks.

Jeers to the gas shortage. The Colonial Pipeline, which supplies 100 million gallons of fuel across the Southeast, fell victim to a cyber-attack from a Russian crime group. The only upside is Gov. Kemp suspending the Georgia gas tax in this time of crisis.

Jeers to the school-issued Chromebooks. I think it would be super cool if all of my keys on my keyboard worked. Instead, if I want to type the letter “b,” I need to apply a ridiculous amount of force to the key. Counting down the days until I can finally bid farewell to my Chromie.

Jeers to this being the last “Cheers & Jeers” of the 2020-2021 school year. For the last few months we have shared the collective opinions here at The Prowler through this column. We will see you all when we return for the 2021-2022 school year!

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