Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to the drama department. Seniors Charlie Rosenberger and Emily Steele earned two Shuler awards for their contributions to this year’s spring musical, “Cinderella.” Rosenberger earned one for best supporting actor, and Rosenberger and Steele earned the second for costume design.

Now before you click away, just hear us out on this one.”

Cheers to SmartPass. Now before you click away, just hear us out on this one. It is good for safety as teachers can know where students are during a lockdown or a fire drill, making everything a lot safer.

Cheers to Taylor Swift’s new album. “The Tortured Poet’s Department” released to glowing reviews and positive reception. While everyone at The Prowler may not be qualified to speak regarding the album, Editor Ella Bissonnette is. Read her recent review.

Cheers to pets. Having your cuddly companion by your side is always wonderful. They may not understand your language, but they understand you.

Cheers to five home playoff events in three days. Baseball, varsity girls soccer, varsity boys soccer, boys lacrosse, and girls lacrosse all host playoff games later this week. Winning the region certainly has its benefits. Go Panthers!


Jeers to recurring illness. When you just keep getting sick, it is awful. The same symptoms over and over again…ugh.

It reeks of over surveillance. See Orwell’s ‘1984’ for more details.”

Jeers to SmartPass. Yes, we don’t like it either. Only having two passes per day and the chance of being denied because someone else is out? It reeks of over surveillance. See Orwell’s “1984” for more details.

Jeers to Milestones. We are back to the endless grind of standardized testing. No one actually likes them, but we have to get through them.

Jeers to the last full week of April. After this, the worst part of the year hits. The aforementioned Milestones, AP testing, and then exams very soon. The three-hit combo culminating in stress, anxiety, and feverishly calculating grades.

Jeers to bad tans. Imagine sitting in the sun with your sunglasses on, and when you finally decide that you’ve had enough sunbathing, every part of you is tan except for your new raccoon eyes. The look makes it very clear that your time in the sun didn’t go as well as you hoped.

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