Ahsoka: A Continuation of ‘Rebels’

Ahsoka makes her way through the galaxy to discover the truth of Grand Admiral Thrawns return. “Ahsoka” will have eight episodes, each airing every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Disney+.
Ahsoka makes her way through the galaxy to discover the truth of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return. “Ahsoka” will have eight episodes, each airing every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Disney+.

“Ahsoka,” the most anticipated “Star Wars” release of the year, premieres August 22 on Disney+. The show will follow Ahsoka as she tracks down Grand Admiral Thrawn and reunites with the Rebels crew.

Ahsoka’s goal in the new series is to hunt down Grand Admiral Thrawn and find her friend Ezra Bridger, another Jedi who was a part of the Rebel Alliance and in the Rebels crew. 

Ezra and Grand Admiral Thrawn had gone missing at the end of the “Rebels” finale in the same ship that took them into hyperspace by Purgil. It is uncertain how Grand Admiral Thrawn has returned and if Ahsoka will ever find Ezra. 

The show will consist of eight episodes, starting with a two-episode premiere on August 22. Each episode will be released every Tuesday on Disney + at 9 p.m. ET. 

Before watching the “Ahsoka” show, it is recommended to watch “Clone Wars” and “Rebels” to understand the back story of Ahsoka. Ahsoka was once in the Jedi order, but had left the order after she was found not guilty of murder. After the Clone Wars, Ahsoka joined the Rebel Alliance as an intelligence worker under the codename of “Fulcrum.” 

Expect to see new enemies consisting of a new inquisitor or possibly returning inquisitor and two new unaligned Force users.

Staff Writer Jenson Mahr and Editor Katie Johnson will be here every Thursday to recap and provide analysis of each episode. 

Episode 1: Master and Apprentice
In the first episode, Sabine Wren can be seen racing down the streets of Lothal to avoid having to give a speech to the people of Lothal. Sabine was going to speak on behalf of Ezra and the rest of the Rebels crew to commemorate their leadership in the Battle of Lothal. (Disney+)

In the first episode of “Ahsoka,” the primary focus is on finding the key to where Grand Admiral Thrawn is hiding. 

The title of the episode speaks for itself as it refers to the new villains of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. At the beginning of the episode, Baylan and Shin board the New Republic vessel capturing Morgan Elsbeth. 

The episode then transitions to Ahsoka stealing the star map that lies within an old witch stronghold on Arcana. The star map would lead Ahsoka to where Thrawn has been hiding all these years. 

The star map would lead Ahsoka to where Thrawn has been hiding all these years.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Throughout the episode, another main focus is based on revealing some of the main characters from Star Wars “Rebels,” including Ahsoka, Hera Syndulla, and Sabine Wren. We even get a glimpse of Sabine watching a recording of Ezra Bridger that was sent specifically to her talking about how he is counting on her to be the one to find him. 

Three main points from this episode are the star map, Ahsoka and Sabine, and the villains.

The star map that Ahsoka comes across contains information of where Grand Admiral Thrawn and possibly where Ezra Bridger ended up after the Battle of Lothal. Both the Admiral and Ezra disappeared when the Purgil shot them into hyperspace aboard the Imperial warship. 

Ahsoka cannot figure out how to open the star map, until Hera tells her she should get Sabine’s help. Supposedly, Sabine is not very happy with Ahsoka after Ahsoka took her to be her apprentice. 

The new villains of the show are after this star map, keeping Ahsoka from knowing the truth of where Grand Admiral Thrawn is. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, Sabine had taken the star map and was stabbed by Shin Hati in a lightsaber duel to retrieve back the star map. 

Most of the villains in this show are new, including Baylan Skoll, a former Jedi in the Clone Wars, and Shin Hati, Baylan’s apprentice. One of the villains we are familiar with is Morgan Elsbeth, who was formerly in “The Mandalorian” and has revealed herself to be a witch from Dathomir. However, there is a new inquisitor to the show that is talked about, leading viewers to wonder who could really be behind the mask. 

The relationship between Ahsoka and Sabine is quite difficult in the beginning. At the end of ‘’Rebels’’ after Sabine’s former master had died, Ahsoka had taken Sabine to be her apprentice. In this episode we find out that their relationship is not the same as it used to be. At first, Ahsoka refused to get help from Sabine, until Hera convinced her to do so. Throughout the rest of the season, Ahsoka and Sabine will reunite and take a journey to find Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. 

To wrap up this episode, some important questions to consider: 

  • Who is behind the mask of the new inquisitor? 
  • Could it be Ezera or someone unknown? 
  • How will Ahsoka and Sabine retrieve the star map?
Episode 2: Toil and Trouble
In this scene, Ahsoka and Sabine continue their journey to find Thrawn. Ahsoka calls Sabine her Padawan once again. (Disney+)

To start things off for this week’s episode, we see Sabine recovering after getting stabbed in a lightsaber duel with Shin Hati. Ahsoka leaves the room telling Sabine she no longer needs her help after losing trust in Sabine. The scene transitions from the recovery room to planet Seatos where Baylan and Shin have located the reflex point for the star map. 

Ahsoka goes on to search the Communication Tower where Sabine lives, and tries to find any clues that could possibly lead back to where the star map would now be. Ahsoka was able to find a huge clue after cutting off the head of an HK unit. Ahsoka would turn back to Sabine and ask her to help encrypt the HK unit’s memory. 

Huyang, Ahsoka’s architect droid speaks to Sabine giving her the lightsaber and tells her to stop wasting time wondering if she is ready or not.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Three main points from the episode are the fight on New Republic shipyard, Pathway to Peridea, and Ahsoka’s trust for Sabine. After decrypting the head of the HK unit, Sabine found out that the HK units came from Corelia, which is a New Republic shipyard. Ahsoka heads to the planet assisted by Hera and Chopper. 

Ahsoka and Hera meet with Myn Weaver, becoming suspicious of the fact that Myn cannot reveal classified information to General Hera Syndulla about the hyperdrive core being repurposed. A C-1 unit assists with the protocol of the classified information informing Hera that an HK unit had prevented C-1 from completing a clearance task. Ahsoka and Hera find out the HK unit is aboard the vessel in front of them.

Ahsoka and Hera split off, Ahsoka having a lightsaber duel with the Inquisitor, who is apparently named Marrok, while Hera chases the vessel with the “Phantom” and Chopper. Hera and Chopper are able to attach a tracking device on the vessel, but Marrok escapes uninjured. 

Back on Seatos, Elsbeth meets with Baylan and Shin to discover the reflex point for the star map. Elsbeth opens the star map, revealing the entire galaxy and the pathway to Thrawn. Baylan calls it the “Pathway to Peridea” because that is how he learned about it at the Jedi Temple as a youngling. Elsbeth mentions that she can hear Thrawn calling out to her from across space. 

Huyang, Ahsoka’s architect droid speaks to Sabine giving her the lightsaber and tells her to stop wasting time wondering if she is ready or not. Sabine takes the information personally and finally suits up in her Mandalorian armor.

Sabine ends up making contact with Ahsoka telling her that she is ready. Ahsoka arrives back on Lothal to pick up Sabine as they resume back to their journey, finding Thrawn. Ahsoka has officially taken Sabine back as her Padawan. Hera reports to Ahsoka that the tracking device had traced to the Denab system orbited around planet Seatos. 

Things to think about for next week: 

  • Will we see Grand Admiral Thrawn?
  • How will Ahsoka and Sabine take on against the other villains?
Episode 3: Time to Fly
In this scene, Sabine takes out six of the fighter pilots to protect the ship. All that stood in her way was Marrok and Shin from completing the mission. (Lucasfilm)

At the beginning of this week’s episode, we start off with Ahsoka teaching Sabine the basics once again, while they are traveling to the Denab system.

The scene transitions back to the Republic fleets where Hera Syndulla is convincing Chancellor Mon Mothma to let Hera give support to Ahsoka and Sabine on their journey to discover the truth with Thrawn in the Denab system. Hera was unsuccessful in convincing Mon Mothma and the senators. 

Ahsoka and Sabine enter the Denab system and are immediately attacked by six ships, including Shin, Marrok, and other dark side pilots. 

Huyang revealed that the hyperspace wing is still under construction and not yet complete.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Three main points from the episode are Ahsoka training Sabine, Jacen Syndulla, and the fight in the Denab System. 

Since Sabine had not touched a lightsaber in a long time, Ahsoka decided to make her go back to the basics of wielding a lightsaber. Huyang and Ahsoka notice her struggle, and recommend she train her mind, not her body. Sabine’s mandalorian techniques will not work with this sort of training. Ahsoka made Sabine put on a visor to focus on her other senses. 

Throughout the episode, we get to see a live action Jacen Sydulla. Jacen Syndulla is Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus’s child. Kanan Jarrus was a jedi in the Rebels Crew who sacrificed his life to save the rest of the Rebels crew. 

Back in the Denab System, Ahsoka and Sabine are fighting off Shin and Marrok. Up ahead Ahsoka and Sabine encounter the “Eye of Scion,” Huyang completes a scan of the entire hyperspace wing as Ahsoka’s ship is shot down and decommissioned by Morgan Elsbeth’s weapons on the hyperspace wing. Sabine works to reboot the ship while Ahsoka stands on top of her ship to distract Shin and Marrok from completely destroying the ship. 

Once Sabine was able to reboot the ship, she moved the ship into the Denab system as Sabine and Ahsoka were saved by the Purgil. The Purgil helped divert Ahsoka and Sabine away from Shin and Marrok enabling Ahsoka to land on Denab. 

Once Ahsoka and Sabine landed, Huyang was able to show data of the hyperspace wing. Huyang revealed that the hyperspace wing is still under construction and not yet complete. The episode ends with a cliffhanger of Baylan demanding his assassins to search for Ahsoka and Sabine. 

Things to think about for next week:

  • How are Ahsoka and Sabine going to get out of their situation? 
  • Will there be support from the Rebel fleets? 
Episode 4: Fallen Jedi
Ahsoka in the world between worlds. Ahsoka turns around and sees her old master, Anakin Skywalker.
Ahsoka in the world between worlds. Ahsoka turns around and sees her old master, Anakin Skywalker. (Disney+)

Compared to the past episodes of this season, this might be the most important episode of them all. Halfway through the season, ‘Ahsoka’ got the boost it needed from the events of Episode 4: Fallen Jedi.

First off, the episode resumes from the ending of the previous episode where Ahsoka and Sabine were spotted in the woods with the HK units that were ordered to pursue their attack to capture Ahsoka and Sabine. 

Ahsoka and Sabine leave Huyang with the ship on their way to attack what stands in their way of destroying the star map. In the forest, Ahsoka then takes on Marrok while Sabine takes on Shin. Ahsoka ends up stabbing Marrok with her lightsaber leading to his death, while Sabine struggles to defeat Shin.

At the end of the episode we see Ahsoka in the world between worlds.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Ahsoka heads to the cliff side on Seatos where she encounters Baylan. Here, we see Ahsoka and Baylan have a lightsaber duel. The duel ends with Baylan pushing Ahsoka off the cliff. 

Three main points from this episode are the completion of the hyperspace ring, the world between worlds, and Anakin’s cameo.

Baylan attempts to keep Ahsoka from getting to the starmap as it transfers the coordinates to Morgan Elsbeth’s system. Ahsoka ended up pulling the starmap out of place burning her hand before the coordinates were completed. Ahsoka dropped the starmap as she continued her lightsaber duel with Baylan. Baylan pushes her off the cliff leaving Sabine pointing her weapon at the starmap. 

Baylan convinces Sabine to handover the starmap to him and promises her that he will help Sabine find Ezra. Sabine hands the starmap back, and Baylan proceeds to place it back in its place to complete the coordinates. Once the coordinates were transferred to the hyperspace ring system, Baylan ended up destroying the starmap. 

At the end of the episode we see Ahsoka in the world between worlds. The world between worlds is a dimension in the force that links to different parts of time. 

This mythical world also serves as a pathway to everyone’s past. The last time this was shown was in the last season of “Rebels” when Ezra was in the world between worlds. Ezra ended up saving Ahsoka from her battle against Darth Vader. Ahsoka could help prevent Ezra from ever going into hyperspace with Thrawn since she has the opportunity.

However, one of the biggest surprises of this episode was the appearance of Anakin Skywalker. When Ahsoka woke up in the world between worlds, you could hear Anakin calling out her nickname, “Snips.”

The episode ends with another cliffhanger of Ahsoka turning around and seeing Anakin’s presence. 

Things to think about for next week:

  • What will Anakin do in the world between worlds?
  • Will Ahsoka be able to save Ezra?
Episode 5: Shadow Warrior
Anakin and Ahsoka fight in a lightsaber duel. Episode 5 centers around Ahsoka’s backstory and Anakin helping her complete her Jedi training. (Lucasfilm)

As far as normal episodes go, there are three main points, but this episode focuses mainly on Ahsoka’s past of becoming a Jedi. Episode five brings back nostalgia from the Clone Wars with Anakin Skywalker teaching Ahsoka to become a Jedi of the Republic. 

The episode begins with Ahoksa and Anakin in the World Between Worlds. Anakin tells Ahsoka she has the chance to live and that he is going to complete her training. Anakin pulls out his blue lightsaber and has a duel with Ahsoka.

Back in the real world, Hera and Captain Teva are searching the island for Ahsoka and Sabine. Jacen uses his Jedi senses to listen to the water and starts to hear the clashing of lightsabers coming from Ahsoka’s fight with Anakin in the World Between Worlds. 

Anakin pulls out his blue lightsaber and has a duel with Ahsoka.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Anakin cuts the floor and Ahsoka falls beyond the bottom of the World Between Worlds and wakes up in the first point of her past, which was one of her first missions with Anakin. In the background, you can tell Ahsoka is living in the Clone Wars timeline because of the phase 1 clone troopers.

Ahsoka sees multiple injured clone troopers and thinks it is her fault. At this moment Anakin is teaching Ahsoka to lead and survive. Ahsoka watches Anakin walk back into the battle as his body transforms into Darth Vader.  

The scene transitions from one of her first battles to the Siege of Mandalore, where Ahsoka would lead a battalion of clones and other Mandalorians to take down Maul. The Siege of Mandalore was right before the end of the Clone Wars while Anakin was turning to the Dark Side back on Coruscant. 

Anakin pulls out his red lightsaber, and his eyes turn to Sith red eyes.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Anakin appears at the battle as a force ghost since he was never participating in this battle. Anakin gives her the choice to live or die. Anakin pulls out his red lightsaber, and his eyes turn to Sith red eyes. Ahsoka and Anakin go at it with a duel once again and Anakin ends up kicking her back into the World Between Worlds. 

Anakin walks through the dust, and this time you can hear Darth Vader breathing. Anakin’s body flickers between Vader and Anakin walking into the World Between Worlds. Ahsoka ends up beating Anakin in the fight and says she chooses to live. Anakin’s eyes turn back to normal when he takes a step back. 

Ahsoka falls into the water and once again ends up back in the real world. Ahsoka is rescued from the water and returns back to her ship. 

The episode ends with Ahsoka and Huyang getting help from the Purgil hoping there is a chance to find Ezra and Thrawn. 

Things to think about for next week: 

  • Will we see Thrawn and Ezra?
  • Who will end up saving Sabine?
Episode 6: Far, Far Away
Lars Mikkelsen makes his first live-action appearance as Grand Admiral Thrawn. Mikkelsen also voiced Thrawn in the animated series “Rebels.” (Disney+)

As far as usual episodes go with basic action, this episode focuses more on exciting reunions. Because the episode focuses more on reunions, we do not see much from Ahsoka’s perspective. Most of the perspective for this episode follows Sabine after being captured by Baylan Skoll. In one of the previous episodes of Ahsoka, Baylan promised Sabine that she would see Ezra. 

Morgan Elsebeth jumps out of hyperspace with the Eye of Scion, landing on the planet Peridea. Peridea is the ancient home for the nightsisters other than the planet Dathomir being a previous habitat during the Clone Wars.

Elsebeth, Sabine, Baylan, and Shin head to the surface greeted by some nightsisters known as The Great Mothers. The nightsisters inform them that Thrawn is coming.

The nightsisters inform them that Thrawn is coming.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Three main points from this episode are Thrawn’s return, Sabine’s journey on Peridea, and Ezra’s return. 

While waiting for Thrawn, Baylan and Shin discuss Baylan’s view of the Jedi Order. Baylan urges to seek power with Thrawn returning. 

Thrawn’s Star Destroyer, Chimera, appears in the sky carrying Thrawn and an army of new Night Troopers we have never seen before. Thrawn first gives his gratitude to the Great Mothers for his return from exile.

Sabine is held prisoner and Thrawn requests to see Sabine. Thrawn warns Sabine once the Chimera has departed that Sabine will be stuck on Peridea forever. Just like Baylan promised, Thrawn provided Sabine with everything she needs to find Ezra including an indication device of Ezra and a Howler to ride for her journey. 

Once Sabine sets off for her journey, Thrawn sends Baylan and Shin to destroy Sabine. Sabine stops to turn on her indication device until a shot is reflected off her Beskar armor by unknown red bandits. 

Sabine solos the bandits with her mandalorian gear and Ezra’s lightsaber. Sabine’s howler abandoned her during the fight, but returns to Sabine while she is walking along the depths of Peridea. 

Sabine and the howler encounter a creature called the Little Noti. The Little Noti notices the Rebel paint on Sabine’s armor giving a clue to where Ezra is hiding. The Little Noti leads Sabine to their village, and reveals that Ezra is hiding there. 

Ezra says he knew Sabine could count on her.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

Sabine scatters the village until Ezra appears in the background. Ezra says he knew Sabine could count on her. Finally, Ezra and Sabine are reunited. 

Things to think about for next week:

  • Will Sabine and Ezra be ready to fight against Baylan and Shin?
  • Will Ahsoka reach Peridea on time to continue the fight?
Episode 7: Dreams and Madness
In this scene, Sabine attempts to give the lightsaber to Ezra. Ezra declines the lightsaber and uses the Force instead.
In this scene, Sabine attempts to give the lightsaber to Ezra. Ezra declines the lightsaber and uses the Force instead. (Disney+)

The finale of the show is coming to an end and plans with Thrawn are looking out to be as confusing as ever. Thrawn has always been an unpredictable and confusing character. 

The main focus of the episode revolves around Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra reuniting once again. After all the hardships of going across the galaxy, Ahsoka and Sabine can finally bring Ezra home. 

Ahsoka had finally reached her destination in the Purgil’s mouth. There were imperial minefields surrounding the planet as Ahsoka had to make her way into hiding. Thrawn counters this by ordering the Great Mothers to tap into Ahsoka’s connection using a spell. 

At this moment we find out Sabine is Force-sensitive when Ahsoka uses the Force to connect with Sabine from a far distance. 

Sabine and Ezra had to defend themselves from Shin and the nomads while protecting the Noti people. Ezra refused to take the lightsaber from Sabine, and instead used the Force to protect himself. 

Ahsoka comes across Baylan once again to rematch him in a lightsaber duel. Ahsoka calls Huyang for assistance to distract Baylan in order for Ahsoka to leave Baylan stranded taking Baylans Howler. Eventually Ahsoka joins the fight to help protect Sabine and Ezra from any harm. 

Meanwhile, part of Thrawn’s plan is wanting to trap Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra on the planet Peridea. Thrawn had prepared his forces to attempt to wipe out Sabine and Ezra until Ahsoka came to the rescue. 

When Thrawn realized he was taking many losses from the battlefield, he called off the attack. Thrawn was not distracted at the fact that his enemies were reunited, instead he looked at the bigger picture. Thrawn had used this distraction because Thrawn’s unknown cargo is almost completely loaded aboard the Chimera. 

Once Thrawn completes his cargo transfer aboard his ship, he plans to leave the planet Peridea. There is an unknown reason of what he wants to accomplish from leaving this ancient planet. We do know that whatever it is, Ahsoka wants to stop it before he reveals his return to the rest of the galaxy.

However, the big question for the finale is how will Ahsoka stop Thrawn from making his full return with Sabine and Ezra being on her side.

Episode 8: The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord
Ezra constructs a new lightsaber. Huyang tells Ezra that he helped Ezra’s master, Kanan Jarrus, construct his lightsaber. (Disney+)

Even though the finale was shorter than expected, it still was eventful in many ways, learning that Sabine can use the Force now after all her frustration of realizing her true power. 

Based on the past two episodes and the finale, we can confirm that there will be a second season of “Ahsoka.” The entirety of this season focused mainly on Ezra returning home. The second season can focus on taking down Thrawn now that the Republic has Ezra. 

The entirety of this season focused mainly on Ezra returning home.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

The only problem about this is that the Republic still does not know about Thrawn’s return.

Part of Thrawn’s plan was a success though. He was able to leave Peridea, but was unable to prevent Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra from staying on the planet. Thrawn sent out two tie fighters to destroy Ahsoka’s ship, but Huyang was able to fix the ship.  

Ahsoka and Sabine chase down Thrawn as he was escaping Peridea. The last thing Thrawn says to Ahsoka on the com channel before escaping is “Long Live the Empire.” 

Baylan and Shin stay on the planet Peridea. Baylan stands on top of the Father Statue. The Father, Son, and Daughter Statues represent the light and darkness of the Force. In “Clone Wars,” Anakin was tested by the Father to determine if he was the chosen one. The Father believed that Anakin staying on the planet Mortis would bring balance to the Force, but Anakin refused. 

Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra face off against the Night troopers, but the Night Troopers are raised back from the dead by the Great Mothers. There is a similar scene in “Clone Wars” where Old Daka would resurrect her troops bringing them back from the dead to defend their home planet Dathomir from the Separatists. 

Ahsoka ends up finishing Elsebeth off in a duel.”

— Staff Writer Jenson Mahr

While this was going on Morgan Elsbeth is rewarded with the blade that Mother Talzin from “Clone Wars” once wielded. Later in the episode, Ahsoka and Elsebth have a rematch. Ahsoka ends up finishing Elsebeth off in a duel. 

The finale ends with Ezra stealing a tie fighter to escape Thrawn’s ship unnoticed, returning home to Hera and Chopper. Ahsoka glances in the distance to see Anakin’s force ghost. There has been more of Anakin than expected this season. 

To wrap up this season, we expect a second season based on the events that took place, especially with Thrawn still flying around the galaxy. 

Questions to think about moving forward for a potential second season:

  • How will the Republic react to Thrawn’s return?
  • When will Ahsoka and Sabine return home? 
  • What is Thrawn’s plan for the Empire?
  • How will Ahsoka be able to take down Thrawn?
Podcast: Series recap

Listen as Staff Writer Jenson Mahr sits down and discusses the first season of “Ahsoka.” He discusses the importance of the show and potentially a next season. 

Click the image above to listen to the full podcast.

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