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Part of being an adult is growing up enough to take care of yourself by going to a doctor. Since the world of getting doctor appointments is lost to some people, here is an easy guide to doing just that.

Start swiping right on good doctors

May 7, 2019

Ok people, let's start adulting. Imagine this: You’ve just gone off to college, settled in your dorm room, started going to classes and realized that ...

Quick, easy meals to make are a lifesaver when wanting to eat pseudo-healthy on a limited budget. One example is a baked potato that can be filled with anything. Students should show up to college and at least know how to make a few simple meals that aren’t frozen or microwave dinners.

Don’t show up with Hot Pockets for every meal

May 2, 2019

Okay, people, let’s start adulting. Time and time again, I hear of people who show up to college and only know how to make one item, like hotdog...

Car that has sat in one spot for less than a week is covered with a dense layer of pollen. With this high pollen count, you need to know how to properly take care of yourself and not just suffer through it.

Pollen problems

April 24, 2019

Okay people, let’s start adulting. We are in the heat of pollen season right now, and by now most people are slowly succumbing to the feeling of ne...