Smartphone app makes navigating cart paths easier


Regan Grillo

Sophomore Olivia Krug uses a friend’s iPhone to pull up the Peachtree City golf cart app so she can type in her destination. Within seconds she gets a map clearly marked with where she is and where she wants to go. Krug said the app is much less confusing than her paper map.

Regan Grillo and Ryan Phillips

For Oregon native junior Luke Johnson, the labyrinth of golf cart paths is never ending.

“Soon after I moved here in May, I tried to find my way to the Braelinn Shopping Center from Mount Brook,” Johnson said. “I had no idea which turns to take so I could get to the shopping center.”

For people unfamiliar with the winding paths, The Guide’s Peachtree City Cart Paths app can fix the confusion. Many students are unaware that there is an app for purchase available.

But  those that do, like sophomore Amy Allen, are discouraged from purchasing it by the high price.

The app may seem expensive at $14.99, but its many useful features make it work the price.

One feature allows users to search for their destinations and receive turn-by-turn directions on how to get there.

This feature would be helpful for sophomore Brooke Underwood, who says she still has trouble finding her way around, even after living here her for her whole life.

“I always get lost near McIntosh Corner, up by Lake Peachtree,” Underwood said. “There are just so many different paths that go in different directions that it can get confusing.”

Even though paper maps of the paths are available, they are often hard to find several students said.

Students also said that using the app on their phone would be easier than using a map because the phone is smaller and easier to use.