New music hits the scene

Taylor Milligan, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for new music, social media stars Kalin and Myles and funky British pop-rock band Rixton’s new CDs both bring something new and fresh to the table.

You may have heard of Rixton’s pop hit “Me and My Broken Heart” that went platinum last summer, but what you might not know is that they recently released a new 10 track album “Let the Road,” which includes “Me and My Broken Heart” and a mix of ballads and funky pop tunes.

The members, Jack Roche, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin and Lewis Morgan, from Manchester, England, gained their claim to fame in the U.S. in 2012 with their pop song “Make Out” and were discovered by well-known music manager/talent agent  Scooter Braun, who also discovered Justin Bieber in 2007. The band is currently touring in Europe performing songs from “Let the Road.”

A few songs from the album caught my attention: “We All Want the Same Thing,” “Speakerphone” and the most well known, “Me and My Broken Heart.” “Speakerphone” is an in-your-face power ballad that starts off with an impressive a capella harmony and has an almost electric beat. “We All Want the Same Thing” displays Rixton’s funky and more soulful sound and shows off lead singer Roche’s smooth falsetto. The album concludes with a powerful love song “Whole” in which Roche addresses an ex who he thinks should try and move on from their broken relationship. The album ends on a somewhat somber note, but in my opinion it’s genius because it encourages the listener to go back to the more cheerful songs to find their own happy ending.

In contrast of Rixton’s pop-rock sound, Kalin White and Myles Parrish, a rap/singing duo hailing from San Francisco, offer a more hip-hop style in their four song extended play (EP) “Dedication.”

The duo met in 2011 at a party in the Bay Area and instantly clicked. Soon after they released their premiere single “More than Friends,” which is one of the songs off of their first EP “Chasing Dreams.”  Parrish and White then went to Vine, a six-second video sharing app, to connect more with their fans, posting videos of them dancing to their songs and giving sneak peeks to their newest music videos. A year later they released their sophomore EP “Dedication.”

“Dedication” is the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing beach vacation in California. The EP includes Trampoline,” “I Don’t Really Care,” “You’re the Only One I Need” and “Dedication.” “Trampoline” encourages listeners to get up and dance and “I Don’t Really Care” sends a message to teens to follow their dreams and, although it sounds cliche, “make it.” The final two songs “You’re the Only One I Need” and “Dedication,” both pay homage to the duo’s fans and give a more personal connection to their supporters. The EP showcases the duo’s music style and the songs are simple yet enjoyable.

Both CDs “Let the Road” and “Dedication” are solid compilations of each group’s musical style.  Soul-influenced pop listeners may prefer Rixton’s album while fun-loving teens or young adult rap fans may prefer Kalin and Myles’ EP. I recommend them both to anyone looking for a fresh sound as each group’s CDs bring something new to their genre.