Andrea Freeman


Jacob Flesher

Starr’s Mill welcomes assistant principal Andrea Freeman to the Panther family. Freeman previously taught at Creekside High School.

Kaitlyn Doyle, Staff Writer


  • Graduated from Riverwood High School
  • Bachelor’s degree in communicative studies from Georgia State University
  • Master’s degree in middle grades math and science from Georgia State University
  • Educational specialist degree from Georgia State University

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overseeing 504 plans
  • Coordinator for Response to Intervention services
  • PBIS administrator

Assistant principal Andrea Freeman joins the Starr’s Mill Panther family this year. She draws her roots from Fulton County, as she just left Creekside High School. Her favorite part of her job is being able to help students succeed. 

“Truly, helping children to get the best education they can and to set them up for success,” Freeman said.  

Before finding her calling, Freeman never thought that she would pursue a career in education, despite the constant pushes from her friends. She ended up going to Georgia State to major in communicative studies before starting two jobs that changed her life. 

Her previous day job was at Goodwill Industries, with a focus on helping people with disabilities. She then spent her nights working at a homeless women’s and children’s shelter. Her career soon shifted to leading a program that helped disabled people gain valuable workplace skills.

 “[Working at the homeless women’s and children’s shelter and at Goodwill Industries] sparked an intense passion in helping students,” Freeman said. 

One of Freeman’s favorite things to do outside of school is shop. Freeman finds shopping the perfect way to satisfy her interest for clothes, colors, and jewels. 

“Even if I’m not shopping, I’m generally looking at things like that,” Freeman said.

Over the course of her life, her role models have been her mother and sister, because of how they worked to overcome any obstacles in their way. Their influence helped Freeman triumph over many hardships. Now, Freeman uses her own experiences to advise new generations.

“I think that it’s good to be self-reflective,” Freeman said. “[You have to] believe in yourself, believe that you have the ability to get through anything.”