Jessica Tatum


Annika Pepper

Chemistry and forensic science teacher Jessica Tatum encourages her students to observe the world around them and ask questions about it.

Cecily Shaber, Staff Writer


  • Grew up in Woodstock, Georgia
  • Two children, Charlotte and Gabe
  • Plays the violin and viola


  • Associate’s degree from Gordon State College
  • Bachelor’s degree in managerial science from Georgia State University

Starr’s Mill welcomes chemistry and forensic science teacher Jessica Tatum. She not only educates her students in the sciences, but also teaches them to open their minds and ask questions.

Part of Tatum’s teaching inspiration is getting to witness her students have a lightbulb moment when they begin to learn and understand what is going on around them. She also encourages her students to ask questions about the world.

“One of the things I do is to try to teach students how to observe the world around them,” Tatum said. “Teach them to open their minds and try to ask questions.”

Previously, Tatum worked at Spalding County High School in Griffin for four years. Before she got into the teaching profession, Tatum worked at the University of Georgia in the Griffin Campus as a research technician with food science and technology.

Outside the classroom, Tatum attends football and volleyball games. When she’s not spending time with her family or grading tests, she enjoys playing the violin and viola.