Heather Smith


Fernanda Orozco

Heather Smith joins the secretarial staff to help the assistant principals. She replaces Judy Dillon who moved to the guidance department.

Cecily Shaber, Staff Writer


  • Degree in public and social service
  • Degree in child and family development
  • Studied at the University of Georgia

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works with assistant principals
  • Helps with attendance and clinic backup
  • Handles behavior issues
  • Aids with progress reports and open houses

Heather Smith joins the Starr’s Mill Panther family this year as the assistant principals’ secretary. 

In the beginning of this school year, she filled the position of Triad paraprofessional at Peeples Elementary School. Before joining the world of education, she worked at the corporate office of Chick-fil-A.

“I like working with kids and I really like working with adults, but I [also enjoy] just being in a school setting and getting a mix of both,” Smith said.

Smith has deep roots in Georgia. She is from Marietta, and three of her children have graduated from Starr’s Mill while her youngest is on the way.

Smith’s approach to her job and day-to-day life in general is to treat people with respect. When asked about a philosophy she lives by, Smith said, “Be kind.”

Outside of the workplace, Smith appreciates spending time with her family. They often play games and experience restaurants together. She also enjoys decorating and shopping in her spare time.