The woman, the alumnae, the legend

Christina Rufenacht returns for administrative internship


Annika Pepper

Christina Rufenacht is currently participating the Fayette County administrative internship program, but she’s not new to the school. Graduating in 2004, Rufenacht wanted to be a teacher or administrator in Fayette County. Last year, she earned the Fayette County Teacher of the Year award.

A previous student of Starr’s Mill, Christina Rufenacht has returned to participate in a three-week program for those interested in an administrative position in Fayette County. 

Her interest has prompted her to return after 16 years. Rufenacht wants to try out doing what she loves, which is teaching and working with kids. 

I want a system in place where magic can happen in the classroom.”

— Starr's Mill alumnae Christina Rufenacht

“My goal is to help make things happen, to help teachers teach their best because they have everything they need,” Rufenacht said. “I want a system in place where magic can happen in the classroom.”

Rufenacht grew up in California, then moved to Peachtree City for middle and high school. During her time at the Mill, she found a passion for teaching. Her 9th and 10th grade math teacher Mark Henderson, now assistant principal at Rising Starr Middle School, allowed Rufenacht to teach his freshman math class her senior year. 

“She was a great student and a lot of fun in class, in terms of being engaged,” Henderson said. “She did well and worked hard.”

Rufenacht’s hard work has paid off. She earned the Fayette County’s Teacher of the Year award in 2020 for her work as an ESOL teacher at Flat Rock Middle School. She is fluent in Spanish and loves teaching English, math, science, and other core subjects.

Rufenacht loves what she does, and she credits the support of her loved ones for her success. Most of her personal life involves her family, keeping her grounded.

“I have kids at home and my family is very supportive of me,” Rufenacht said. “I think that the best way to be successful for your job is to do something that you love, and I love being a teacher and working with kids.”

Rufenacht stresses the importance of sports, travel, and new opportunities for kids, especially those she takes in through the foster care system. This philosophy carries into the classroom, where she wants her students to experience and enjoy learning.