Panther Perspectives

What movie from your childhood has impacted you the most?

Freshman Karissa Dahn

“’Beauty and the Beast’ – There are some times where you have to be brave and strong and make sacrifices for the people that you love.”

Freshman Owen Dixon

“’The Incredibles’ – [My favorite part was] the very end because [it] left you hanging with the Underminer, and then the new one came out and answered everything.”

Freshman Oliver Wysong

“’Happy Feet’  – It scared me at first, when I was three, because of the vultures when they were trying to eat the penguin.”

Sophomore Courtney Caplin

“’The Little Mermaid’ – It inspired my passion for singing, and it was my first musical.”

Sophomore Mia Just-Buddy

“’Home Alone’ – I thought it was really cool that he rigged his house with booby traps.”

Sophomore Annabella Orndorff

“’Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ – I cried in the theatre and had to leave because I was scared.”  


Junior Rachel Camp

“’Aquamarine’ – The movie made me think about a lot of different things.”

Junior Henry Ravita

“’Up’ – It’s the first movie that I really took seriously and it actually made me sad.”

Junior Kylie Valenta

“’High School Musical’ movies – They were good and I will always remember them.”

Senior Maggie Dill

“’Tangled’ –  It teaches different kind of relationships: healthy relationships and the relationship between Rapunzel and her mother, [which] wasn’t healthy.”

Senior Addison Eickman

“’Spy Kids’ – I remember it being really, really silly and very kid-like but also these kids were the main characters and their parents were the professional spies. When they set their mind to something and they accomplished it, that was just really cool [and showed] how confidence gets you a long way. It encouraged me to be confident in what I’m doing. Even though it was a very silly movie it [just showed] that sometimes things don’t work out, but don’t lose your confidence. You got to just keep moving forward.”

Senior Luke Wittbrodt

“’Meet the Robinsons’ – It was my first look into the sci-fi genre and it helped just put some creativity into the world. Not everything has to be uniform and realistic and to the point.”