Panther Perspectives

How do you prepare for a big test or exam?

Freshman Karla Plymel

“I take the time a week or so before and go over the information I’ve learned and maybe even find some Kahoot and Quizizz about it and take those. Sometimes I call friends in my class and we play the Kahoot and Quizizz together.”

Freshman Saisri Mandapaka

“I watch videos on YouTube about the material such as ‘Crash Course’ and ‘Amoeba Sisters.’ I rewrite the notes, and go through slides. Then, I study with friends.”

Freshman Carmya Spurling

“I study a week before and I try not to stress myself if I don’t know the answer. After studying, I then quiz myself with flash cards, and whichever ones I get wrong, I study more. I spend 25 minutes on the particular subject I study.”

Sophomore Riley Martin

“I study for 10 minutes every night so that I get a good grade.”

Sophomore Denver Oates

“I look over my notes before the test to make sure I know the material, so I can refresh my memory.”

Sophomore Eli Preuer

“I go over the things we went over at the beginning of the unit, so I can be prepared for anything.”

Junior Kacey Harris

“I go to my tutor a few days before the test to review my study guide.”

Junior Julia Shanahan

“I study the review guide and look over my notes.”

Junior Nicole Smith

“I find a quiet place and study for an hour or two, and I create flashcards to study from.”

Senior Aiden Hammond

“I usually make a Quizlet and use the Quizlet Learn feature until I feel comfortable with the information.”

Senior Sofia Varmeziar

“I go through my notes and do practice problems to prepare for hard tests.”

Senior Victoria Wiest

“I don’t really prepare for hard tests. I like to just wing it.”