Panther Perspectives

Who would you cast to play you in a movie?

Freshman Tani Alofe

“I would cast Zendaya as my person in a movie, because Zendaya is a person that I look up to because of her confidence and talent.”

Freshman Maddi Conti

“I would probably cast myself. I would want to be the main character of my own movie. But a lot of people say that I look like the actress of Bella from ‘Twilight’.”

Freshman Zoë Croft

“The main character from ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Ellen Pompeo, because in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ she is with Derek Shepherd.”

Sophomore Ethan Gibbas

“I would pick Shawn Mendes because he is very creative and he loves music, and I love music and I gain my inspiration from him.”

Sophomore Ava Hall

“Jennifer Aniston because I love her from ‘Friends’.”

Sophomore Riley Koehn

“Margot Robbie because she’s a really good actress, and I like the movies she’s in.”

Junior J.D. Arnold

“I guess one of my coaches because they are superstars, and they help me get through stuff.”

Junior Ben Bacon

“I would cast Leonardo Dicaprio, because he is cool. My movie would become famous, because he is famous.” 

Junior Lauren Paget

“I would cast LeShawna from ‘Total Drama Island’, because she is very funny and feisty like me. She also has a good personality.” 

Senior Olivia Allen

“Blake Lively. I really like her attitude, and what she does in each one of her films.”

Senior Kaitlyn Donovan

“Sadness from ‘Inside Out’ would play me, because we look alike. “

Senior Anabella Ellis

“Saoirse Ronan, because she can depict outgoing characters.”