New season, new fashion


Photo via Celebrity Style Guide

Fall is here and it is time to put your summer clothes to the side. Revamp your closet with these new and trendy outfits for brisk fall weather.

The weather has finally cooled down and that means it’s time to put away the tank tops and shorts and bring out the fall clothes. You may be struggling to find the “perfect” fall fit for this season’s chilly weather, however, fall has just arrived, and with that, I’m here to tell you what to wear and what not to wear during this autumn season.

Times have changed and with that trends have changed. 

Although flannels are the epicenter of fall fashion, try purchasing a lovely, cozy cardigan instead of taking your dad’s flannel from his closet. 

Ditch the skinny jeans and pair that cardigan with some straight-leg jeans and loafers. Ankle boots are cute, but loafers are the way to go this fall and do not forget to wear socks if you want to complete the look.

On the topic of skinny jeans, let’s be honest – tan knee-high boots paired with skinny jeans are not the way to go. If you had asked me in 2014, I would have considered the look, but it is 2022 and we are getting more creative. 

Try cargo pants, a white long-sleeve, a puffer vest in any color, and platform booties. Yes, cargo pants are in, and they look fashionable in any season. 

I have to knock on thick scarves. If you are in Antarctica, wear the scarf, but not as an everyday fall look. It is not flattering. 

Instead of the scarf, try a neckerchief. It is less weight, cute, and simple. You can pair the neckerchief with a turtleneck. Complete the look with a leather jacket, a leather skirt, tights, and a small shoulder purse.

Fall is the time of the year to bring out dark green, orange, yellow, purple, red, and black. This color pallet will transform your outfits for the season. 

Take my advice and switch up your closet for the fall, you are guaranteed to turn a few heads and have people ask, “Where did you get that from?”