Superintendent outlines new ‘standard’


Fayette County Board of Education

With the help of the community, Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Patterson has revealed a new plan to improve the success of Fayette County schools.

Fayette County schools are no strangers to success. However, that does not mean there is not room for improvement.

To begin the school year, Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Patterson introduced the Fayette Standard.

“It’s about continuously improving the quality of what we’re doing,” Patterson said. “I want students, teachers, [and] parents to feel like this is their place where we have that sense of belonging.” 

In order to develop the Fayette Standard, Patterson and other county office personnel solicited input from a variety of stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, and parents. 

The plan is about finding success. It is one of several parts of the “umbrella” that Patterson calls Continuous Quality Purpose. The CQP helps increase academic performance, learning, and success through setting high expectations, continual improvement of instruction and delivery, and new lesson planning strategies.

“Starr’s Mill has a great number of trophies out front, so that’s a good indicator that we’re doing pretty well, but academically we can still do better,“ Patterson said. 

More information regarding the Fayette Standard can be found on the FCBOE website.